Why should you learn Node.js?

Node.JS Development Technology

Each day new technologies are evolving and gaining attention in the global software arena. With wider necessities, technologies get more and more polished and better in its capabilities, providing solutions to more diverse applications. What brings node.js above other technologies is a popularly heard query and the answer is its ability to deal with scaling of a process. Many consider Node.js a framework but actually it’s a technology developed to meet the scalability issues arising in huge real-time applications. Learning Node.js can make your prospects as a developer brighter as more services are preferring the Node.js over other languages.

Primarily, it permits a developer to write the web, mobile or desktop applications with a single programming language. Majority of the things you need on the server can be built by this single threaded programming language with the asynchronous and non-blocking I/O adding to its merit. Writing server and client apps by the same language helps in creating many common codes which can be shared across the various layers of the app and this will save ample amount of time in writing different codes in various languages multiple times.

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Another important aspect is their support for agile methodology. If an app is developed with node.js, it can be easily modified as and when required without any difficulty. This in turn aids in improving the productivity considerably using less time and resources. Node.js development is getting more attention than before in the technology world with lots of top-notch companies switching to node.js. The major names in the switched list include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Walmart, PayPal, and Medium. Now the question arises as what exactly is node.js used for. It also facilitates the use of YUI and jQuery at server side, which is JavaScript frameworks. Node.js can be used to build anything that is not CPU intensive.

Some common applications of Node.js include:

• Serving static files
• Framework for Web applications
• Payment gateways (PayPal)
• Real-time chats and gaming
• Social networking blogging sites
• REST APIs and Backend Applications

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