Why do social media stand the big shot of Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing


The morning alarm screamed and jolted at the bedside table while Jack sheepishly opened his eyes. It’s six and the young entrepreneur’s day was on. The first thing he usually does is to scroll through social media and get a glimpse of the latest news around. Some messages and few updates, he checked randomly and went forward for the news. It was then he spotted a video of a man doing random office chores. The man in video worked and worked but nothing seemed fruitful. Then an IT firm’s name popped up and showed the same work done smartly and effectively with a tagline ‘we make your job runs smooth’. The video was a viral one in many groups and its likes and comments displayed great public interest. Jack smiled at the video. His company promotion going on steady feet. His tactics of marketing with social media has become a success.

Jack is not just a single person. He stands an icon of modern-day entrepreneurs who successfully utilize social media for promoting their business. Be it a coffee shop, plush eatery, boutique, or IT firm, branding is a stronghold for the business to thrive and social media plays an active role in the process of branding a business firm.

Let’s discuss the top aspects of social media in digital marketing in 2018:

1. Personalized markets

These days, business promotions are made in such a way that they present a close, personalized approach to its customers. In recent surveys by some prominent marketing agencies, those firms which offer personalized experiences have 20% greater chance of getting business than a non-personalized firm. Keeping a strong presence in social media will give the customers an impression of the business firm as something close to them, thus improving the chances of doing business with that particular firm.

2.Greater response to issues

With social media prominence, people can share their reviews and helps the customers connect to the business firms almost instantly. Be it the appreciation on a product or sharing the negative feedback, the platform works perfectly, allowing the business firms to take a stand accordingly. Issues can be resolved at the earliest without much hustle.

3. Greater sales

Many people these days shop online as it saves their time and energy without much pressure on their wallets.  For online shopping, the top factors are the familiarity of the firm and their reviews. Assume a particular store or product advertisement of great review on the sidebar of Facebook grabs your constant attention. You will definitely feel an urge to give it a try. Wouldn’t it improve the sales then?

4. Brand recognition

Recognizing a brand is just an arm for greater sales opportunities. As we discussed earlier, knowing a brand and familiarizing with it will help a great deal in having a positive impact on its business prospects. The online buyers are more likely to opt the brands they trust and are familiar with than the ones which are comparatively new to their knowledge. Social media acts a great stage to mingle and get in touch with the prospective client, which can be beneficial to their business interests.

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