Why are so many top companies switching to Node.js?

Node.JS Development Technology

What do Netflix, Mozilla, Uber, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, and Microsoft have in common? Think.

Well, if you fail to connect the invisible common ground among these corporate giants, you are not paying enough attention to the recent tech revolution happening around. All these companies have switched to node.js for their better performance. Programmers are considering Node.js as their first preference and the demand for a node.js developer is sky high.

We know node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment to develop server-side applications, written in JavaScript and runs smoothly on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. We can summarize the applications which work well with node.js as:

  • I/O bound Applications
  • Data Streaming Applications
  • Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT)
  • JSON APIs based Applications
  • Single Page Applications

Node.js has some very prominent features which encouraged these top corporates to switch to this popular technology. Let’s see the important once at a glance.

1. Asynchronous and event-driven:

The APIs of the node.js libraries are all asynchronous or non-blocking. This simply indicates that whenever an API call is made, the node.js based server never waits for the data to be returned and rather moves to the next API in the queue. A notification mechanism enables the server to obtain the response from the earlier API call.

2. Highly fast:

Thanks to Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, node.js shines excellently with its fast working in code execution. This has helped node.js very much in getting popular among the top corporate companies to a large extent as these companies consider efficiency in all spheres of the project. Many important tasks in web applications can be swiftly done with Node.js.

3. Single Threaded nature but scalable:

For event looping, Node.js implements the single threaded model. It is this event mechanism that facilitates the server to work in a non-blocking pattern and is responsible for the scalability feature exhibited by node.js.

4. Effect on microservices:

Microservices have made a great effect on the web applications of corporate projects for their ability to create necessary modules of those sections of an application, enable substantial groups to work in parallel and dispose of awkward solid applications. Instead of integrating together as in other technologies, node.js facilitates to call these modules and these offer improved speed, low memory utilization, and versatility of node.js. The node community has wholeheartedly accepted the microservices — in the run of making a section of the business' best tooling for making, conveying, and keeping up this effective example.

5. Increased productivity:

Implementation of node.js in many companies has resulted in improving the efficiency and productivity of work from the employees considerably. The organizations were able to unite the front end and back end development teams to move comfortably with node.js. As far a corporate company is considered, they could reap best benefits with node.js

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