Why are companies choosing India for offshore development?

Offshore Development

In the age of fast growing technologies, every company is in a race – a race to emerge as a strong sector of modern technologies, which take the world forward on its journey. The organizations aim to release better products and services than the previous day and in this marathon, the brilliant brains among the lot consider a very effective strategy of establishing offshore development centers or ODC. These are the centers which act as an in-house office but in a remote sense. Many Asian countries offer good offshore development support but India is leading the list with enormous accolades for the great features the place offer.

What are the reasons behind this top position of India among the other world countries? Let’s discuss the various factors which have established this successful stand.

1. Availability of fresh and experienced talents:

Each year more than 5 million youngsters graduate from India and about 2 million out of this are skilled in technology. In comparison with other areas, the percentage of skilled professionals are very high in India. This has resulted in easy acquiring of talented professionals for the various development works. Fresh talents, as well as trained workers working together in various outsourcing industry verticals such as technology, product development, entertainment, banking, logistics, and education, make the tasks move effectively faster and easier. The pool of skilled IT professionals is increasing each year, adding to the desired features of offshore development.

2. Government attitude:

The government of India is welcoming the offshore development idea with wide open hands. They make it possible for the companies to come down to India with less stringent rules and regulations. Exempting service tax from the special economic zone (SEZ) sectors and other tax benefits attracts the companies to get their work done in India with lesser capital input. India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative has got many global firms interested to start their production and IT office works in India, thus getting the doors to the largest consumer market. The establishment of NASSCOM in 1988 gave a strong signal to the offshore corporates on India’s stand towards outsourcing.

3. Infrastructure availability:

Contrary to the western beliefs, India offers great infrastructure for the smooth running of global firm offices. The offices are made incorporating modern technology, facilitating the comfort of the corporates. Uninterrupted telecommunication in India too adds to great opportunities to interact with the clients and customers around the world.

4. Lesser Financial Input:

The capital investment in running a company in India is lesser. Indian lifestyle demands the lesser cost of living than that in the foreign lands. This will find an effect on the cost of setting office, the remunerations to employees and of course, the whole cost of completing the project. According to a study done by NASSCOM, the costs associated with an offshore development in India can be almost 60% lesser than the ones they might cost in other places. That’s a really big difference indeed!!!

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