Top 10 reasons why Angular is good for a fast and responsive web app for your business in 2019

AngularJS Technology

If your business requires a single-page web application, then Angular is arguably your best option.
Before moving on to anything further, let’s first take a look at what a single-page application (SPA).
It’s nothing new and you have been using such single-page apps on a daily basis either on your laptop or mobile devices for ages without realizing that it’s actually a single-page app. For example Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and more.


Sounds interesting.....?


Simply put, a single-page application or an SPA is nothing but a web application or a website that that works inside a browser and does not require page-reloading during its use. In an SPA all the necessary codes – HTML, JavaScript, and CSS – are retrieved with a single page load, and other appropriate resources are dynamically loaded on the page as and when necessary depending on the user actions.


Single-page applications help the users by presenting contents in one, comfortable web space thereby giving them a simple, easy and workable user experience (UX).

Benefits of SPA

Fast loading: SPAs are fast loading as all codes (HTML, CSS, Scripts) are loaded only once, and only data is transmitted back and forth.

Simple development: The development of SPAs are simplified and streamlined as there is no need for separate codes to render pages on the server.

Easy debugging: SPAs are easy to debug using Chrome as you can investigate page elements, and data associated with it, and also monitor network operations.

Easier to make mobile apps: It makes it easier to create mobile apps because developers can reuse the same backend codes for both web apps as well as native mobile apps.

Works offline: SPAs can cache local storage, and because of this an app sends only one request,   store all data, which the app can use to work even offline.

Why Angular for SPAs?

Angular is an open-source web application development framework maintained by none other than Google and backed by an ever-growing developer community base. It is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and hence can be used to create feature-rich web applications with an excellent user interface (UI).

According to Libscore, a JavaScript analytics service, Angular is used on more than 12,000 websites out of one million tested including Intel, ABC News, NBC, etc.


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The following are the top 10 advantages of Angular:


Ease of Development

Angular is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, which allows the development of an application into three separate layers, which can be managed easily. Also the code-reusability of Angular makes application development easier.

Multi-browser Compatibility

Angular is compiled to native JavaScript, and since all browsers can understand JavaScript, it is compatible with all the browsers.

Two-way Data Binding

Because of the two-way data binding capability of Angular, any changes made in the model gets instantly and automatically updated in the view as well, and that too without any intervention of a developer. This makes Angular easier to work with.

DOM Manipulation

Yet another advantage of the two-way data binding capability of Angular is that it doesn’t require a developer to actively manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model). This saves developers the time to spend on unnecessary coding, translating and updating the DOM.

Fast and Responsive Web

Angular arranges for outstanding end-user experience by enabling fast-loading, responsive and seamlessly-navigating websites and applications.

Plain HTML Templates

Angular uses plain HTML templates, which are passed to the compiler as DOM elements and not as strings, and this ensures better workflow. This also enables easy manipulation, extension and reusability of templates.

Highly Testable Websites

Angular allows both unit testing and end-to-end testing and because of this the testing and debugging of websites and applications build using it are quite easy.

 Improved Server Performance

Angular reduces the burden of the server CPUs as it supports caching and other processes. And because it only serves static files and respond to API calls, the load on server CPUs is less and it would perform extremely well.

Use of Directives

The scripts and HTML pages remain extremely organized and hassle-free because of the use of directives by Angular. This gives developers complete independence to create dynamic web pages as they have a free hand over the HTML and attributes.

Faster App Prototyping

This is a significant advantage of using Angular. With very less codes, developers can easily build app prototypes, which they can then test for functionality, take feedback, and make necessary changes without wasting much time.

In short, if you need a fast-loading, hassle-free web application for your business, Angular is your answer. Nevertheless, be sure to approach experienced hands for your Angular development projects as an inexperienced developer might not be able to deliver the results you wish for.

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