What is the future of Node.js?

Node.JS Development Technology

If you throw a glance at the top developer job openings, the highest number of openings these days will be for the node.js developer. The requirement for an efficient node.js developer is skyrocketing recently and these statistics prove the prominence of this technology in the industry. Node.js being an event-driven non-blocking programming framework on the server side, lends a helpful hand in scaling complex process and fast processing. The technology is awaiting great growth prospects in the near future with the coming versions Node.js 9 and Node.js 10.

JavaScript can be considered the English of developers. With its rich ecosystem of libraries and tools, it is widely accepted as the most preferred technology among the developer community. For its ease of learning, many are recently embracing this technology. Hire node.js developers and switch yourself to the future of programming to avail the best opportunities.

Node.js is already known for its fastness and scalability. It scales the process well and is capable of accommodating a large number of connections at on single time itself. Many top companies such as LinkedIn, Microsoft, PayPal, etc. have already switched to Node.js realizing the vast prospects of the technology. The best brains behind Node.js are still trying to make node.js better and better in the coming versions. Node.js is trying to bring some quality improvements and some of them include:

• Improved diagnostics and instrumentation.
• Improved standards support.
• Alignment with web platform.
• Greater platform diversity.
• Improved developer experience.
• Stronger security process.

Let’s take a look at the top features the team is planning for their Node.js 9 version.

• HTTP/2 no longer behind flags
• Two-factor authentication for npm.
• More static error codes.

With these updates, Node.js is sure to take the technology world by storm in the near future itself.

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