Top 9 Companies using Node.js

Node.JS Development Technology

Node.js is getting so much public attention these days. Each day tech news highlights some giant company shifting or planning to shift to Node.js. So many considering Node.js rather than some other server-side scripting language? Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. In Node.js, Ryan Dahl gave engineers an apparatus for working in the non-blocking, event-driven I/O. The major purpose of Node.js is to build swift and scalable applications. Now, let’s take a look at the top eleven firms on Node.js.


PayPal is a top name among the worldwide internet payment services. It offers the service of money transaction between individuals, business organizations, or payment checkout during online transactions between customers and vendors. It acts as a platform to exchange money from credit, debit or PayPal balance. PayPal uses Node.js for customer-side web applications. It helped them to develop sites faster and with lesser number of people.


The multinational retail corporation operating the hypermarket and store chain is another giant who leaped for Node.js. Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue of approximately 480 billion US dollars. Node.js is Walmart’s choice for their e-commerce site. The Walmart system utilizes the asynchronous I/O and uses its single-threaded nature to handle multiple requests. Along with this, they could use their programmers to be full stack developers.


The biggest social media platform for professionals since 2002 is a glorious Node.js user. The platform helps one to get connected to professionals around the world. LinkedIn uses Node.js on the server side of their mobile app. The scalability feature of Node.js is behind its LinkedIn popularity. Compared to the previously used ruby on rails version, the change has made the process faster by almost twenty times and the number of servers was cut down massively from thirty to three.


The most famous internet domain registrar and well know web hosting company GoDaddy is another user of Node.js. With a recent revamping of its backend, the company shifted to fully open-source Node.js based infrastructure. It is the ability of the node to build quality applications, create unit and integration test more easily, NPM access, REST and easy implementation of newer features. Node.js helped them to reduce the number of servers to almost ten times less than the earlier and performance, amazingly better.


The e-commerce giants allow consumers and business to purchase and sell and has a strength of over 162 million users. It facilitates customer – to –customer and business – to –customer trade among millions of population. It helped them to make applications real time by maintaining live connections with the server. In eBay's own opinion, the performance, simplicity, asynchronous i/o everything Node.js offers is advantageous to the user.


Yahoo is a familiar name for everyone using the internet. Yahoo mails and entertainment were listed favorites during the late nineties. Recently Verizon acquired Yahoo and they are now using Node.js for their front-end, thanks to the high performance and scalable quality of Node.js.


Anyone who uses mobile or desktop internet will be familiar with Mozilla, the world’s second popular browser. Almost 15% of the world population uses Mozilla for its simplicity and ease of use. Mozilla uses Node.js as their core language for many web applications. They find it advantageous to use the same language on the server side and the front end.


The biggest video streaming provider, Netflix, lets you watch movies and series from television. According to reports, the registered user count of Netflix is nearing 100 million. The company has made the complete user interface with Node.js for their lightweight and performance skill. The implementation of Node.js has resulted in the reduction of their app’s start-up time by about 70 percent.


Uber is nowadays the top public transport network in many countries. The app lets the users communicate with its drivers and get the vehicle at the desired spots. The Uber drivers use their own cars and once the passengers reach the destination, the bill will be collected from their credit cards automatically. Uber used Node.js for their massive matching system for their skill to process huge information quickly and with ease.

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