Top 9 ways to improve work productivity in 2018

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Out of the 86400 seconds in a day, how much time do you spend productively? The question is complex as nobody can be expected to work all throughout the twenty-four hours. Some people follow a pattern of working long while some opt to do maximum work in a short span of time. Work smarter is the perfect strategy to achieve high levels of productivity in your work career.

You need not be highly brilliant to work productively and efficiently. It just requires the right mindset and enthusiasm to work more effectively. Let’s discuss some tips to improve work productivity in 2018.

1. Keep close track on time
Do you keep a close check on time while doing tasks? Noting the amount of time you spend on each occasion can help you to keep an account of the work you completed in a particular time period. Studies note that only less than 20 % has the habit of organizing their work with time. So, if you do not include in the above twenty percent, make it a habit in this 2018 to keep track of the precious time spent on every task undertaken.

2. Take necessary naps
Some may think naps can disturb the smooth flow of work but regular naps are indeed helpful to keep your mind and body to keep fresh and to avoid bore. It will help you complete long works with the same freshness you had at the beginning. It will help you to maintain the performance level on a straight line. It is difficult to keep one’s energy level throughout a process without adequate breaks.

3. Try to put personal deadlines.
When you are assigned a task, analyze the work yourself and determine the level of difficulty yourself. Keeping this level in mind, set a deadline to complete the job and make sure to consider your personal ability to do the task while setting time. This will help you to keep yourself stick to the time limit and finish in the set time span itself.

4. Keep meetings at a distance.
No. Just No. When you are up with a task, don’t put meetings come in the middle as it may turn your thought wheel in another direction. Meetings are good to discuss new ideas and to evaluate the progress but it should not affect the workflow at any cost. So always keep away from meetings while you are working on an important task.

5. Try standing meetings
In case you cannot avoid meeting, why don’t you try standing meeting? As the name suggests, it involves the members of meeting standing and discussing the matters. There are so many advantages of a standing meeting. First one, it may help in reducing the time spent. Second, it may indicate a more energetic involvement of individuals, thereby improving the performance of the group.

6. No multi-tasking.
Putting your mind into different tasks can definitely reduce your efficiency. The old saying, do one thing at a time, definitely has some valid point in it. Try to limit or if possible avoid multitasking. This can help you impart more quality in individual works and can finish in much faster time.

7. Try to be proactive, not reactive
Always have a work plan on how your day should proceed. Responding to emails and calls should not determine how the rest of the day should be and make sure to keep a tight grip on the time spend on these. Keep a clear plan on how your ideas should work out to exploit the maximum benefit for the best results.

8. Avoid interactions
Loose talking at workstations must be avoided to improve the productivity. Imagine you are doing some work and a co-worker comes by talking about something. If you get disturbed and fall in the chit-chat, you will lose lots of time and the workflow you followed. You could let the person know you are up with something important and would get back to the person once it’s done. By this way, you would not let the person down and can keep your workflow safe without disturbance.

9. Work break down
Break your task into smaller modules and finish each fast. This is a successful technique followed by many eminent personalities. Classifying work into small parts help to get the things done faster as small modules would get completed easily and reduce the burden of doing everything together.

Spericorn being a global IT services and solutions provider makes sure to get the best facilities for its employees. The firm is popular for blending the employee-friendly approach and professionalism in balance. Practice the above tips to improve work productivity surprisingly. As Albert Einstein said, there is no substitute for hard work. Motivate yourself to work smarter and brighter to bring the best results.