Top 5 things you should know about ReactJS development

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ReactJS is a revolutionary trend in web development, which is in high demand among the developer community. ReactJS is an open source library created by top IT firms and are generally used with HTML tags for user interface purposes. It runs on model-view-controller framework and allows reuse of UI/UX segments. What has paved way for the tremendous popularity of ReactJS? Its high-performance applications using simple and declarative APIs indeed. There are some things that every ReactJS specialist should be aware of and let’s discuss the top points to keep in mind about ReactJS.
1.React is a Library and NOT a framework

Vue and Angular are frameworks but React is an open-source Javascript library to help you build sophisticated UIs in desktop and mobile applications. Being a library, React does not provide you the decision-making facility as to choose which and what. The whole power to take a decision is vested on the ReactJS specialist. It is really comfortable to associate React with other third-party libraries.


A declarative style is followed in React to write components. Let’s consider an example with <Spericorn> :


It does not have for loop to manually create a mapped collection. We are not instructing how to do a particular segment. We only indicate how it should appear.



There are static components which can be transferred down the component tree with static data. But what is the case when the component state is altering with time? In case of Stateful components, let’s discuss the example <Spericorn> where you type a text to get displayed :

The default state of the executed component is declared at the beginning. In this case, we are opting an empty text value. For that, we will have to use the component function startingstate() which return the state object of the function. In order to update the state used, an event handler altertext() is used in the while setstate(), an inbuilt function is set by the React founders to update state. setstate() is used to inform the pending state changes, which will be applied to update the changes. A fact to note is that setstate() is an asynchronous function and thus changes will not be immediate.

4.Conditional Rendering

In many situations, the need to render a particular item if some conditions are true and some different item in case of non-matching conditions. Conditional rendering allows many ways to meet this purpose and two of them are:

1)Ternary operator
Ternary operator

2)Helper function

                    Helper function

5.Flux not required

A common misconception among the React newbies is about the usage of Flux. Redux or some other Flux implementation is thought to be necessary for ReactJS but in reality, these are not required. If you are using React for a small app and you don’t need global state, better don’t use Flux.

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