Top 5 Companies That Went for Node.JS Development and Going Stronger

Node.JS Development Technology

Node.JS? What is that?

“It’s a way to write web servers using JavaScript.”

Why would you use it?

“It takes advantage of non-blocking, event-driven I/O to enable high concurrency in long polling applications.”


Jargons are part of any technology, and though bit scary no seeker of knowledge stops at it. People are paying attention to Node.JS, so are many giant companies. It has helped many companies to build social media apps, messengers, online games and real-time tracking tools among many other applications.

About Node.JS

Node.JS is an open-source server-side runtime environment built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. It is used for building fast and scalable network applications.

Its ability to use JavaScript on both frontend and backend opens up new efficient ways of development. So, it’s not surprising that many companies chose to rely on Node.JS. It is also the reason why there are suddenly many Node.JS Development Companies, and Node.JS Developers are in demand.

Let’s try and look at some popular companies from a Node.JS angle and see what stories come up. Let’s explore why these companies picked up Node.JS from all other server-side technologies, and how that benefitted them after they moved their server-side to JavaScript.


The core of Uber is built on the philosophy that transportation should be as reliable as running water, everywhere and for everyone.

The hyper-growing scale and the challenge of ensuring reliable experience for its customers and drivers urged Uber to build its massive system on a new tech which could handle such load. The company doubles in size just about every 6 months. It processes many million rides every day, operates in 68 countries across 6 continents and has service in more than 300 cities, and all this happened in just 5 years of operation. Uber needs a system that will keep running no matter what, and that’s why it has chosen Node.JS as its technology backbone.

Node.JS Development Company

Why Node.JS?

• Node.JS handles asynchronous I/O requests with a non-blocking, single threaded event loop. It is well suited for systems that make a lot of network requests, like Uber.

• Node.JS (and JavaScript in general) is ideal for quick iteration; code can be inspected and errors can be addressed on the fly without requiring a restart. This means developers can publish and deploy new code constantly.

• Its active community continuously optimizes the technology. So, it gets better all the time on its own.


Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with a global net sales of about 500 billion dollars in 2018. And it aims to become the world’s largest online retailer. During holiday season, the company sees over 20,000 hits per second on its website and mobile app. So it needed to build a fast, reliable and robust ecommerce system to reach its goal. Walmart had reached out to numerous Node.JS development companies but finally zeroed in on its own Node.JS Developers.

Node.JS Development Company

Why Node.JS?

• Node.JS helps keep the content consistently fresh. Node.JS with its asynchronous I/O and single-threaded event loop model, efficiently handles multiple concurrent request to update its site.

• It helps keep its content in front of Google and other search indexing robots.

• The “universal JavaScript” nature of Node.JS allows Walmart to take full advantage of its talented Node.JS Developers in all areas of its business.


Netflix started out as a DVD company and 9 years ago, it was beginning to stream videos with a catalog of just 50 titles. Now Netflix streams content around the globe and produces its own original programming.

Netflix was working on large applications with huge startup times and slow builds. They had Java on the server, JavaScript on the client, which required their developers to be great in two very different languages. There was a lot of re-working – they had to write everything twice, two ways of data access, etc.

It needed to simplify everything and be able to move the site to a single page application where they could render each page fully.

Node.JS Development Company

Why Node.JS?

• Node.JS helped Netflix to have a common language, helping them write the same code and run it everywhere and not to have developers shift languages.

• With the help of Node.JS, from a 40-minute startup time they went to under a minute. This is a whole new level of performance.

• Node has a lot of open-source modules which can be used quickly and help get better tracking.


One of the largest Fintech companies with a well-known global system for internet payments. Paypal enables its users to transact online quickly and easily in more than 100 currencies.

In Q4 2018, PayPal had 267 million active accounts worldwide, representing a 17% growth from last year. The company experimented with developing two Java and Node.JS applications at the same time. During comparison, engineers learnt that Node.JS app was built almost twice as fast with fewer people, writing 33% fewer lines of code and the app was constructed with 40% fewer files.

Node.JS Development Company

Why Node.JS?

• The most significant reason for Node.JS adoption was to handle 100% business availability even with huge load.

• Node.JS enabled both browser and server applications to be written in JavaScript, unifying their engineering specialties into one team allowing more understanding of the application.

• When developers work in Node.JS, they can change the code they are working on, direct it to run and see whether it works – all in the blink of an eye.


Astronaut Luca Parmitano was struggling to see and hear and eventually breathe when water started leaking into his helmet during a spacewalk in 2013. Fortunately his partner was nearby who guided Luca into the airlock and safety. NASA launched an investigation into this, and when it started collecting data it turned out to be an arduous task. The data on spacesuit specs, maintenance schedules and previous excursions was spread out across different locations.

Once the scope of the data problem was identified, the engineering team decided to create an end-to-end system for data on the lifecycle of spacesuits. They chose Node.JS for the project.

Node.JS Development Company

Why Node.JS?

• The relative ease of developing data transfer applications with JavaScript, and the familiarity of the language across the organization keeps development time and cost low.

• Node’s asynchronous event loop for I/O operations makes it the perfect solution for a cloud-based database system that sees queries from dozens of users who need data immediately.

• NPM pairs well with Docker to create a microservices architecture that allows each API to operate smoothly.

Simplicity, scalability, speed, single-threading, non-blocking I/O are only a few factors companies are impressed with while considering Node.JS Development.

Going ahead, Node.JS Development will mean cheaper, more resilient, scalable and independent services. Undoubtedly, Node will be a part of those emerging trends in the global developer community. There are numerous companies and industry leaders, other than those mentioned above, that chose to use Node.JS in production, and there will be more companies adopting this environment to be a part of their solutions.

Spericorn as a Node.JS Development Company

At Spericorn, we have been messing around with Node.JS from 2013 and from that time on, we have been fascinated by its power and the way it has made us think out of the box. As a Node.JS Development Company, we have done a number of big and small projects in Node.JS and all of them stand out with their agility, speed and performance.

We remember most of our requirements were on the lines of “making apps real time” and “orchestrate a huge number of display information on the page”, and all that we could think of was Node.

People often say Node.JS is scalable, but for Node.JS there’s a specific meaning attached to it. It makes good use of a single core while handling I/O bound tasks and it does so extremely well than any other platform.

Node.JS Development is an essential ingredient in our development journey. If you want to know more about it, we are just a click away.