This Mura CMS Development Company Makes it Simpler!

Mura CMS Technology

You are a thriving business.

You have many balls in the air and several plates spinning at any given moment.

You must organize, plan and collaborate. All the time.

You badly need control.

You should be able to get access and make changes smoothly. And fast.

Your time is valuable.

Say hello to Mura CMS.

Mura CMS is an open-source content management system based on ColdFusion. Mura CMS development companies have popularized it among marketers, CSS developers and web programmers.

If you want to build and maintain an ambitious website, Mura CMS is the perfect platform. It allows you to build with ease and speed. Whether you need to do something as simple as adding a new release or as complex as integrating website data with an enterprise CRM system, Mura CMS provides a complete solution. As a Mura CMS development company, we are excited about this new platform.

With Mura’s pre-built content objects, starter templates and intuitive interface, your productivity will get turbo-charged - Mura CMS Team

Let’s dig more to know how Mura achieves it.

Content Editing

The content on your website is your brand’s mouthpiece. It converts customers, attract subscribers and conveys beneficial information about your brand.

So, importantly, the CMS should allow you to control and craft your content.

Mura CMS does exactly that, and more.

Content can be directly edited on the page simply by clicking on it. There is no redirecting to another page or windows popping up. Nothing distracts you or slows you down.

To prevent errors, Mura’s versioning system makes it easy to roll back to a previous version of the page in seconds. Moreover, built-in content staging allows you to make changes to multiple pages at once and publish them all at the same time.

Scheduled Publishing

This is particularly helpful for those who hates mornings yet have a blog post or an article to publish in the early morning hours. Mura CMS allows you to schedule time and dates for your content to go live. It allows you to organize the content accordingly.

You can also schedule removal of content from the site, so that there are no more outdated events or postings clogging your website. Batch changes can also be scheduled for automatic publishing at a specified date and time.

Mura gives you the tools to organize a workforce made up of members who require different website permissions and admin access. This can be done section-wise and even down to the page level.

Productivity, organization and security. Otherwise, a brilliant framework called Mura CMS.

Form Building

Undoubtedly, forms are a great way of gathering information from website visitors. It is usually a technical task to build useful forms. Mura takes the labor out of the task and makes it a breeze to build forms.

Mura uses a drag-and-drop interface to create powerful web forms. And this requires no coding or technical know-how.

Now suddenly admins and marketers are free from dealing with form building, and they can channelize their energy to be in touch with their audience in other useful ways.

Form submissions are automatically stored for reporting and retrieval with no database modification required.

Content Personalization

When traditional web CMS like Wordpress and Drupal try to be the single solution for both managing content and creating websites, CaaS (Content as a Service) providers focus purely on content management. When it comes to API calls and delivery of content, there are no significant differences between CaaS and content infrastructure.

Content managers want to get their content to as many platforms and channels as possible – web, mobile, social networks, etc. It’s expensive to have a separate solution for every channel. CaaS is a tool by which developers can be more productive and efficient.

Mura CMS development encourages Caas. And with great Caas comes greater flexibility.

Mura CMS makes it possible to store and manage content from a single place, delivering content to any device or channel precisely when it is needed fueling contextual delivery and content personalization.

Mura 7.1 – The Flexible Theme Architecture

As the shift towards CaaS continues, separating the design layer farther from the actual content, Mura CMS provides some global options for customizing functionality and increasing flexibility.

Themes are now universally available, located in a top-level directory from where they can be applied to every site in the Mura instance. Each theme may contain its own assets and methods for overriding core functionality making it easier to modify multiple sites at once in a secure way.

Mura’s display objects or core modules are also now located in a global directory with the ability to customize on a per-site or per-theme basis.

The thorough and completely updated documentation for Mura 7.1 has covered all these and have detailed instructions for upgrading to a new installation as well as upgrading an existing Mura instance.

The overall focus of this release is on simplification and globalization, creating flow and reduction friction. Here developers are given new freedom in the way themes are designed, structured and applied.

Spericorn as a Mura CMS Development Company

We, a relatively new Mura CMS development company, have been in the business of predicting where your users will access your content. Be it mobile, website, chat, voice or whatever comes next, it will be increasingly important, and we are prepared with a solution in hand.

We work with Mura CMS.

Spericorn offers designs in both the popular Wordpress CMS and the ColdFusion-based Mura CMS. Mura is a content, experience and enterprise platform designed to deliver digital experiences where and when your customer wants them.

Mura is a great CMS for SEO-focused website development. It uses human-readable URLs and provides full control over important page aspects like title, meta information, etc.

Being a scalable CMS, as your site grows Mura also grows with it.

At Spericorn, we use Mura to create and develop many client websites. Our clients are known for using Mura themselves to edit page content, update blog posts, create photo galleries and manage RSS feeds.

In short, Mura CMS gives you the power to control your website. We are sure that starting with Mura as the foundation of your CMS solution will future-proof your digital presence.

Embrace a good CMS, find a good team and you will do great things. It has worked for many of our clients. Don’t you see that’s why we are a popular Mura CMS development company!

Our recommendation is that you get to know us first and then let’s solve complex web problems quickly.