Smart Kiosk

In today's rapidly evolving world, security and convenience are paramount for modern shoppers. Introducing Smart Kiosk, a groundbreaking project powered by state of the art AI & ML. Smart Kiosk redefines shopping by seamlessly combining safety, efficiency, and accessibility .Discover the revolutionary power of AI and Machine Learning in our cutting-edge solution, where seamless checkout and hassle-free transactions are effortlessly enabled through automatic product detection. With Smart Kiosk, experience a whole new level of convenience and efficiency in your shopping journey.

Perks of Smart Kiosk
User-Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly app allows you to dive into a world of possibilities. Simply log in and scan the QR code at the kiosk to access a comprehensive selection of products, each with detailed information, including images, rates, and expiry dates.

Effortless Purchase

With just a few taps, you can effortlessly add items to your cart and proceed to purchase. Say goodbye to long checkout lines and tedious processes – Smart Kiosk streamlines your shopping journey.

Intelligent Detection

Once you’ve made your purchase, Smart Kiosk’s intelligent detection system comes into play. Cameras positioned at the kiosk detect the products you take out, marking them as “taken” or indicating a green signal. Any missed items or additional selections prompt instant notifications and indications, ensuring you never leave empty-handed.

Automated Refunds And Payments

Should any discrepancies occur, rest assured that our system handles it with precision. Automatic refunds for missed items and prompt payments for additional selections guarantee a seamless experience.

Admin Panel for Streamlined Management :

Behind the scenes, the Admin Panel empowers administrators with comprehensive control. Monitor kiosk performance, track user interactions, detailed reports of user purchases and receive real-time notifications for user reports, discrepancies and low stock items, ensuring the kiosk is always stocked and running smoothly.

What Makes
Smart Kiosk Unique?
  • Revolutionary Shopping

    Smart Kiosk introduces an innovative AI-driven approach, redefining shopping with automatic product detection for unmatched convenience and efficiency.

  • Smart Inventory Management

    Administrators receive real-time notifications, enabling efficient inventory management and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Intuitive User Experience

    Smart Kiosk offers an intuitive mobile app, making shopping delightful and effortless for users of all backgrounds

  • Seamless Payments

    Smart Kiosk integrates a wallet feature for smooth and secure payments, offering a cashless and convenient shopping experience.

  • Real-time Product Detection

    The kiosk instantly identifies products taken by users, ensuring accurate and transparent transactions.

  • Enhanced Security

    The system’s robust login and authentication process ensures a secure environment, safeguarding both users and administrators.

How Smart Kiosk Works
Data Collection And Model Training

The journey begins with the meticulous collection of product data. Fixed cameras with proper lighting are strategically positioned at the kiosk to capture multiple videos of products being taken out from various angles and pacing. Utilizing Computer Vision, we extract frames from these videos and carefully select the ones where the product is clearly visible.


As one of the fastest and most advanced machine learning models available, YOLO significantly enhances the training process. The output yields a PyTorch model, empowering us to employ the ComputerVision ML library for product detection. With this we seamlessly detect products within the frame, making Smart Kiosk’s automatic product detection a reality.


Next comes the crucial process of annotation using the VGG annotation tool. Each object in the frames is manually annotated, with endpoints or borders precisely marked for all products. This one-time process during model training ensures accurate detection.


The annotated data is stored in a JSON file, from which we create a .txt file containing object labels represented by pixel coordinates in the frames. This final data becomes the foundation for our system/model to study products for detection.


Our chosen ML model, YOLO (You Only Look Once), sets the stage for remarkable training efficiency. By importing YOLO from the Ultralytics library, we input the folder file path containing images and corresponding .txt files, along with a yolo format (.yaml) file with video, frames, and validation information.

User Login And QR Code Scanning

Users log in to the Smart Kiosk mobile app, enabling a personalized shopping experience. To access the available product catalog, users simply scan the kiosk’s QR code.

Exploring The Product Catalog

Inside the app, users can explore a diverse range of products with detailed information, including images, rates, expiry dates, and more. The intuitive interface empowers users to make informed decisions

Seamless Checkout And Payment

Users can effortlessly add items to their cart and proceed to checkout. The app’s wallet feature facilitates seamless and secure payments, making transactions swift and cashless.

Real-Time Product Detection

When you take a product from the kiosk, our system captures a video and quickly processes it into frames. Intelligent detection algorithms meticulously scan these frames, identifying the visible products. The selected frames are then precisely annotated and transformed into labeled images and corresponding .txt files. Our trained model efficiently compares these frames with the training data, swiftly finding suitable matches. This seamless and automated process ensures that your shopping journey with Smart Kiosk is effortless and enjoyable.

Real-Time Notifications And Feedback

Smart Kiosk revolutionizes your shopping experience with instant product detection. As you take out your purchased items, our app swiftly marks them as taken, ensuring a hassle-free checkout process. Stay informed every step of the way with real-time notifications – whether it’s for additional items taken, missed items or payments. Our app also empowers administrators with comprehensive control, receiving timely updates on user reports, payment status, low-stock items, and kiosk closures.

smart Kiosk

Welcome to the future of shopping, where Smart Kiosk transforms every transaction into a smarter, safer, and more efficient experience. With its user-friendly interface, cutting-edge ML capabilities, and robust technical features, Smart Kiosk is setting new standards for modern shopping solutions. Embrace this transformative project and unlock the full potential of shopping with Machine Learning. Step into a world of convenience, safety, and innovation with Smart Kiosk. Experience the epitome of the shopping revolution!