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What’s common between AirBnB and Twitter?

Both are originally built with Ruby on Rails.

Developers love it for its stunning structure and syntax. Clients cherish it for superfast development turnaround. And the credit goes to Ruby’s many libraries (called gems). What other languages produce writing 100 lines of code, the same results would be achieved by Ruby with 10 lines. Ruby on Rails has amazing speed in both prototyping and efficient development of web-based projects. Who knows better than us. How? Because we are a Ruby on Rails Development Company.
RoR is the programming language not just for AirBnB and Twitter, but Slideshare, Shopify, GitHub,
Groupon, Basecamp and Soundcloud, all run on it. These are just some of the big names, but there are
hundreds of thousands of applications build with the framework since its release in 2004.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a programming language created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto 25 years ago. Like Java or C, Ruby is a general-purpose language best known for its use in web programming.

What is Rails?

Rails is a software library that extends the Ruby programming language. David Heinemeier Hansson created it and called it “Ruby on Rails”. Technically it is a package library, called a Ruby Gem. Ruby is to Rails as Python is to Django or PHP is to Symfony.

The appeal of the language lies in its style and brevity.

Rails is widely used because of its conventions which are ubiquitous and insightful. The Rails API is said to have reflected deep experience and intelligence in implementing the requirements of a web application development framework. The benefit of this is that a Rails developer can unravel and understand a web application created by another Rails developer. This means collaboration is easier, development is quicker and there’s a wider pool of open source libraries to enhance Rails.

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RoR is a framework based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Our dedicated Ruby on Rails Development Team enables quick deployment of complex projects. We provide our clients with a truly versatile framework with RoR. The big companies who use it for their web applications vouch for the high performing and reliable Ruby. Being a Ruby on Rails Development Company, we help you with development of web services and web-based apps. One of the key principles in our Rails development is Convention over Configuration. This approach makes sure the developer does not have to spend much time configuring files in order to get set up. In fact, Rails comes with a set of conventions that help rapid development.

Is There a Rails Philosophy?

The thought processes on design of Rails led to its virtuous growth and caught the attention of
prominent thought leaders in the agile development methodologies. This led to further visibility in the
open source community.

The Rails Way of Doing It

Contrary to many programming languages that promised “there’s more than one way to do it” Rails is said to be a hard liner. There’s a “Rails way” for solving problems and if you follow it, you will have fewer decisions to make. You will find that what you need is already built. The results are faster development, better collaboration and effortless maintenance.

The Omakase Approach

Omakase in Japanese means “I will leave it to you”. In his famous essay Rails is OmakaseDavid Heinemeier Hansson says, “A team of chefs picked out the ingredients, designed the APIs, and arranged the order of consumption on your behalf according to their idea of what would make for a tasty full-stack framework.”
While accepting that many of the opinions embodied in the Rails API are the decisions of the creator, informed discussions with other significant contributors have also been added to the Rails code base. For the most part, Hansson’s “opinions” will serve you well.

Convention Over Configuration

This is an extension of the idea that Rails is an “opinionated software.” It rests on the concept of a default, a setting automatically assigned without user intervention. “Convention over Configuration” means you will be productive. You won’t waste time setting up configuration files. No need to think and spend time about where things go and what names to assign. Also, because other developers know the same conventions, it is much easier to collaborate.

DRY Principle

“Don’t Repeat Yourself” is a principle that has strong roots among RoR developers. This principle advocates strictly against duplication. When a code duplicated, the application becomes complex and makes it vulnerable to bugs. A related technique which is fundamental to development is “code reuse.” The metaprogramming features of RoR allows it to not only reuse code but to eliminate code wherever possible. Ultimately, with RoR, you can create simple web applications with a few lines of code.

Now let’s look at some of the features and advantages of Ruby on Rails.

Super Quick for Web Development: It has a hand-in-glove existence with web development. RoR is extremely quick and smooth to get a working prototype and run programs. Rails is good for rapid application development (RAD) as it is easy to accommodate changes. If you are looking at developing a fast secure web app, RoR is the way to go.

Time & Money Saver: It’s open source, runs on Linux. It’s a developer’s delight. More than 4500 people
have already contributed code to Rails. This framework allows swift and smooth transition from the planning stages to quick development, and when compared to other platforms, it’s easy to handle.

High Security & Scalability: A major advantage of RoR over other frameworks is that it is much more secure than others. An RoR developer could write code is lesser lines and syntaxes and therefore the codes are quite scalable.

We are One Happy Ruby on Rails Development Company

Being the best among Ruby on Rails Development Companies, we strive hard to keep that spot. We have a great team of Ruby on Rails developers, and we find it works well for us and our clients enabling RAD for dynamic web applications.
I would say you can spread happiness by hiring our Ruby on Rails Development Team or opt for our Web Development Services. Building a modern web application could be intimidating. RoR of course makes it much easier and fun.
The most significant key result area here is Client Happiness because Ruby on Rails is optimized for programmer happiness. See, it works both ways!