Reign of Node.js and JavaScript in tech industry


Have you noticed the smooth transition of many top corporates to Node.js for server-side scripting? The major names among the lot are LinkedIn, Microsoft, Walmart, PayPal, Medium, and Uber!!! Isn’t it surprising what drives this huge establishment of Node.js?

Let’s consider the retail market giant Walmart. What did they gain with their shift to node.js? The traffic to is now serviced with node APIs almost completely., one of the biggest asset of Walmart has given its nod to JavaScript recently. The shift has proved to be quite helpful as it reduced their time to market, allowing the entire team to understand and develop for the whole stack, making it possible to use any of their crew members to work on any of the development processes, be it iOS, Android, front end, back end or any related development tasks.
It is in this scenario, we are digging deep into node.js to find its top advantages which have led to popularising the language.

Powering up the coders:

JavaScript is widely used for the front end development purposes. By switching the back end works to node.js, it makes it easier for the developer to greatly increase the efficiency as libraries become reusable and standardization of tools can be done. This helps the developer know the entire system well and can successfully take up any task in the section.

Great for microservices:

Microservices have surprised the product advancement world for their capacity to scale just those parts of an application that are required, enable substantial groups to work in parallel and dispose of awkward solid applications. While different dialects are fit for making micro-services, few offer a similar blend of improved speed, low memory utilization, and versatility of node.js. Also, the Node people group has wholeheartedly grasped microservices — in the procedure making a portion of the business' best tooling for making, conveying, and keeping up this effective example.


Node.js enables fast improvement without yielding execution or security. It's genuinely simple to learn, doesn't require a ton of the standard related with a portion of the more customary enterprise dialects, and the fantastic open source culture implies that there is an immense number of effective libraries to accelerate improvement.
Node.js is developing and enhancing at a quick speed. With the ES6 spec for JavaScript (the best thing to occur for JavaScript engineers in quite a while) and with the reliably awesome updates and benchmarks by the Node Foundation, the innovation will just keep on getting better with time.

Node.js has significant advancement, its single threaded feature and non-blocking event-driven I/O, not just makes it simpler for designers to take a shot at and reason about, however, it likewise brings about some really amazing display of positive gains. In one well-known case from PayPal, shifting their mobile servers from Rails to Node had made it possible to reduce the number of servers from 30 to 3 and that too with twenty times faster performance.

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