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You need your webpage to look extremely good, don’t you?

Powerful and rich UIs combined with the speed of Flash could make your heart beat faster. In this new world of fast food, agile technology and blazing internet speeds, a webpage that loads slow is an absolute ‘no’. Better user experience now-a-days is defined by the speed of an application.

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Many studies have shown that users tend to abandon websites that takes more than 3 to 5 seconds to load, especially if they are browsing the website on their handheld devices. Hence it is important that your webpage load quick and also has enough engaging and interactive elements to make visitors stay on your page.

This is when ReactJS comes handy.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by none other than the social media giant Facebook and community, and comes with many advantages. First of all, it helps you create impressive web apps with minimal effort and coding. The primary objective of the ReactJS is to help you develop engaging user interface (UI) that improves the speed of the app. Also, React Native can be used to build amazing mobile applications. Considering that there are hundreds of frameworks to choose from to develop your web or mobile application, opting the one that best suits your business model is more of a business decision than a technical one.
Since its initial launch in 2013, ReactJS has attracted more than 1200 active developers regularly contributing towards its updates to enrich its library. Before moving on to the advantages that ReactJS can give to your business, we shall first take alook at its key features, which are:

Enables Component Creation

ReactJS lets developers create module-like pieces of code termed ‘components’, which can be repeated across many web pages. This makes these components reusable, which helps in saving valuable time spent on development. These components also make designing UI seamless and takes a major load off developers so they could concentrate on more important functions and business logic.

Virtual DOM

The virtual Document Object Model (DOM) is considered as the next biggest thing to have happened in web development since AJAX. It is the core reason that makes React help the creation of fast, scalable web apps. With the help of React’s memory reconciliation algorithm, the library creates a representation of the page in a virtual memory, where it performs the necessary updates before rendering the final web-page into the browser.

Easy to Learn

Unlike a framework, ReactJS is a library that is regularly used in association with other JavaScript libraries. This makes learning ReactJS easier when compared to other comprehensive libraries, and this helps businesses streamline development without spending much capital on the existing system. Now that we have a fair idea about the core features of ReactJS, let’s see how it could be a good option for your business in 2019.

1. Easier Creation of Dynamic Web Apps

ReactJS makes use of the JSX, which an optional syntax extension to JavaScript that enables writing your own components with ease. This accepts HTML quoting and makes the rendering of a subcomponent much easier. It also provides developers with warnings and error messages, and also prevents code injection. All these make your
source cleaner and simpler.

2. Boosts Productivity

One of the features of ReactJS that developers love absolutely is the reusability of the components. All components have their internal logic, and this makes it easier to deploy and define them. This makes sure that the app maintains consistent look, and facilitates codebase preservation and development.

3. Enhanced Performance and Faster Rendering

As discussed earlier, ReactJS makes use of virtual DOM to which all the changes are applied first before the real DOM tree is updated. The challenge faced by most developers is that the apps tend to get slower when the real DOM is directly updated. But with the virtual DOM, the real DOM doesn’t get frequently updated, thereby ensuring a smoother user experience and higher app performance.

4. SEO Friendly

Since ReactJS enables faster rendering of webpages and boosts user experience, there’s chance of your website being shared more on social platforms and being noted for your content. This directly benefits your business as your website would start ranking higher in search engines.

5. Isomorphic Apps

Yet another advantage with JavaScript is that it lets you use similar code for both client and the server side component of an app. This, in turn, speeds up the performance during rendering of the app on the server. It also enhances user experience by indexing of website pages.

6. React Native for Mobile Apps

React is known as a “learn once – write anywhere” library, since it follows the same design patterns for both web and mobile app development. Developers can use plain JavaScript and React to build rich UI for native apps, supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

7. Handy Toolset

ReactJS comes with a handy set of tools that makes things easier for developers. React Developer Tools is available as a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox, with which developers can check the reactive component hierarchies as well as the component’s current state and props.

8. Strong Community Base

As discussed before, ReactJS, since its introduction in 2013, has attracted a huge fan base and currently has more than 1200 developers actively contributing to its library.

9. Scope for Testing

ReactJS also comes loaded with its set of debugging and design tools, that lets developers debug their codes with the help of native tools.

10. Used by Big Corporates

ReactJS is used by some of the big corporates around the globe such as Walmart Labs, Airbnb, Tesla, IMDB, PayPal, New York Times, and Reddit, to name a few. This is exactly not an advantage, per say, but it gives you the assurance that ReactJS is reliable and versatile.

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