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Leverage the advantages of Node.js for your business in 2019

17 Jan
Rakesh K
7:40 AM

In the world of web development, Node.js is a cutting-edge technology that has stood the test of time ever since it was first introduced in 2009. It is a cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for fast and scalable server-side and networking applications.

JavaScript is primarily used for client-side scripting, in which scripts written in JavaScript are embedded in a webpage's HTML and run client-side by a JavaScript engine in the user's web browser. Node.js helps in the execution of JavaScript code server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user's web browser. This makes Node.js a 'JavaScript everywhere' paradigm, unifying web applicationNode.js Development Company development around a single programming language, rather than different languages for server side and client side scripts.

According to some sources, with over 15 million downloads per month and more than a billion package downloads per week, Node.js is touted as the largest open source platform that exists today.

Also because Node.js has the backing of a huge and live community, contributions have also risen exponentially. It is estimated that more than 1,100 developers are currently building on and contributing to Node.js as of today. Node.js also uses tools that automatically detect vulnerabilities and helps create a ‘maintenance endpoint’.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Node.js for web app development:

  1. Coding made easy: Node JS allows web developers to code in JavaScript for both the server and client sides, thereby making it easy for transferring data between the client and the server to synchronize the work well at the same time. Data changes made on the server side appear live on the client side and hence the web page that reflects this data gets updated automatically. Thus Node.js enables scalable and fast network applications as it satisfies all the needs of the development process.
  2. Superfast development: Since Node.js runs on the super fast V8 engine developed by the Google, it acts as a fast suite that uses JavaScript into native machine code. This enables developers to create fast and robust network applications that address parallel connections with higher performance. Under no circumstance does it slow down work.
  3. Ideal for real-time web apps: Node.js development makes creating real-time web apps such as chat apps and gaming apps as easy as creating a simple blog in PHP. This is because the architecture of Node.js is driven by events that serve both the client side and the server side at the same time, and hence the synchronization process is fast and efficient.
  4. Dynamic NMP: Being an open-source platform Node.js has a shared repository of more than 6000 modules in its Node Package Manager (NPM), and this helps in making Node.js robust and super fast. Also, with the growing popularity of Node.js and the growing number of developers using it, the Nodes community is getting stronger day by day.
  5. Data streaming: Generally in web app development, HTTP request and response are considered as two separate events but in reality, they are data streams. With Node.js, this function can be leveraged to its optimum to create some of the best attributes like processing files at the time of loading. Now, since it comes in the form of streams, this can reduce the overall processing duration. This can also be used during the real-time recording of video or audio.
  6. Works as Proxy: Node.js comes handy while dealing with proxy-different services with different response times for collecting data from different sources. For example, if there is a server-side app that deals with third-party resources, gathers data from different sources or saves images and videos, but the company lacks the right infrastructure for proxy or needs local development, then Node.js comes to the rescue as a proxy.
  7. Highly scalable: Another key advantage of Node.js is that it easy for developers to scale the applications in either horizontal or vertical directions. The application can be easily scaled horizontally by just adding extra nodes to the existing system. Likewise, it can be scaled vertically by adding extra resources to the single nodes.
  8. Freedom to develop apps: While other technologies impose strict guidelines, Node.js offers complete freedom to developers to develop custom apps and software. Developers can begin everything from scratch while developing apps.
  9. Hosting: The increase in demand for Node.js by more and more web app developers for their project has given rise to the popularity of hosting. Also, PaaS (Platform as Service) providers like Heroku and Modulus officially allow hassle-free node deployments.
  10. Allows smooth sync: Node.js uses a single-thread subprocess, which is called the Event Loop that handles all asynchronous I/O operations thereby eliminating all the problems related to the formation of independent threads. This translates to the main actions in web apps, including reading or writing in the database, network connections or file system, being done swiftly with this set of applications.

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We always keep our resources open to make the services available to everyone at any point in their working process. As a reputed Node.js development company, innovating every sector has been our primary goal, thereby bringing a difference in every task we undertake. As a successful Node.js development company that focuses on customer service, we have made it our priority to deliver great results for our clients around the world.

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