Mobile Application Development: Convenience & Simplicity Delivered

Mobile Application Technology

Would you like to be happy? Hey, there’s an app for it!

Do you need a cab? You have Uber or Gett or Lyft.

Are you hungry and don’t feel like going out? Just tap at Deliveroo or Grubhub.

Want to relax after a long day’s work? Spotify will calm you down with soothing music.

Food, shopping, chatting, dating, booking flights or cab, fitness, checking health, literally anything can be done online now with the help of an application in your smartphone. (Heard someone is developing a virtual parents app too!!)

Mobile application development has taken the machine-human interaction to greater heights. Just load a few applications into your smartphone and boom! You have the power to do anything with a finger tap.

The World of Mobile Apps

A gentle tap on the tiny bright icon on your screen and it opens up a world of new possibilities. Mobile apps are continuously disrupting the way we think and live.

Statistics indicate that the rise in the number of apps uploaded on the stores (nope, not Sears or Macy’s) annually is directly proportional to the rate in growth of mobile users globally. There were 1 million apps in Play Store in 2016, and it has grown to 3.8 million apps in the beginning of 2019. Can you imagine there’s going to be 6 billion mobile users globally by 2020 and the impact it could have on everything in this world?

Let’s look at what mobile application development companies have done to our simple lives.

Living Faster

When was the last time you stood in a queue for buying a movie ticket or paying electricity bill? There are apps like Placer that lets you hire people to stand in the line for you to buy a movie ticket. Unbelievable, right?!! You fingertips have the power to choose a convenient time to watch a movie, a seat of your liking, your favorite snacks and get them delivered to your seat.

There are digital wallets with incentives like cashbacks and coupons allowing customers to pay for a service digitally. No more cashiers or counters. You just sit on your favorite couch and tap. It would be all done under a minute.

Living Busier

With unlimited options for services and entertainment, globally people are spending more time on their smartphones. A common sight these days in buses, metros and social gatherings is of people glued to their screens and swiping away to glory. You wouldn’t have noticed because you were busy looking at your favorite cat videos and “liking” them.

An average person in the UK spends 24 hours a week online with one in five adults spending as much as 40 hours a week online. (courtesy: Ofcom Report, 2018)

Adult users in US spend 3.3 hours per day on mobile. More people are spending multiple short sessions, one lasting 30 seconds, per day than before, consuming content in small, bite-sized chunks. (courtesy: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, 2018)

A Paradigm Shift in Business Transaction

A common phenomenon around the world, in the last 5 years, is the disappearance of physical stores. They have become obsolete, thanks to companies like Amazon and eBay. We all know what happened to the book stores when was launched and became a success. Similar fate was encountered by the music industry with its cassette and CD shops. They just became non-existent overnight. Cloth shops and grocery stores are moving in the same direction too. Stores like Macy’s and JCPenney have turned to ecommerce and are responsible for 25% people buying their clothes online.

Trivia: In 2018, 76% of all US shoppers made most of their holiday purchases on Amazon.

A lot of our elaborate activities and tasks have been simplified by mobile apps. Things like music player (remember Walkman?), torch, compass, calendar, map, camera, image and video editing, all have been replaced by simple apps in your smartphone. Somehow, we don’t see a simplified process for understanding human brain. Probably all it takes is for a mobile application development company to churn out a simple mobile app!

How Mobile Applications Started

Apple and Google launched their app stores only a decade ago and right after that the entire mobile industry started revolving around them.

As first of its kind, Apple started by releasing 552 apps, 135 of them being free, in its App Store that could be downloaded on iPhone. The following week witnessed 10 million iPhone users downloading at least one app. As their popularity increased, computers quickly moved out paving the way for smartphones. And it led to the mushrooming of mobile application development companies and developers working on iOS apps.

There are two major factors that led to the mobile app disruption.
1. Ease of downloading and using apps on smartphones.
2. User’s convenience of carrying their phones anywhere.

These two factors made the jurassic computer activities obsolete and replaced it with innovative and interactive mobile application experience.

Transformation of How We Work, Play & Socialize

Convenience and simplicity – the two fundamental factors which made apps something people can’t live without. Mobile phone users, since they wear their phones on them always, can quickly search for the app they need and can easily download and install it in their phones. Once installed, users could figure out how to use it in a few minutes and can start using it right away. Nothing could be simpler!

Mobile Applications @ Work

Employers use mobile apps for various work-related activities and most such apps handles productivity, operations and management. Mobile apps can be used to analyze the productivity of a team on the shop floor or track the location of an Uber driver. Some are used to monitor employee health and some are used for creating client presentations.

Mobile Applications @ Play

When Pokemon Go was released, little did we realize it’s going to change the way we look at games. Pokemon Go had people out in the middle of the night hunting for Pokemon in their neighborhoods, in the woods and in parks. Its success sparked the development of numerous AR/VR mobile app games. If you feel like Magnus Carlsen, you can download a chess game app and play with anyone in the world who has the same app.

Mobile Applications @ Socializing

There was a beautiful piece of tech called “ham radio”, not so long ago, where people could hold real-time conversations over shortwave radio. Then came social media apps which radically changed how we interact. Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype, along with a myriad of other apps, allow real-time video and audio communication between people from anywhere in the world. Latest stats show 30 million messages are sent by Facebook every minute. Social media helps us to keep in touch with family and friends, do dating and share personal experiences with the world. It is growing in leaps and bounds with even business being conducted in such platforms.

Mobile Application Development Experience at Spericorn

Mobile application development is perhaps the greatest breakthrough in the last 50 years. With new apps rolling out every day, the quality of interactions and the methods of staying connected are being enhanced at a rapid rate. New tech like AR and VR have infiltrated the development offering us totally different realities of real and unreal worlds.

Spericorn, being a mobile application development company, is committed to follow these trends and deliver the best apps and services to our clients. With experienced mobile application developers and trusted by 1000+ satisfied customers, you are in safe hands. We create game-changing apps and know exactly how to provide high-end solutions to complex business issues through custom mobile app development.

Reach out to us for greater insights on how to turn your idea into a killer mobile app.