Lucee – Lightweight dynamic scripting language.


Lucee is a recently heard name in the software arena. The open source software influenced by ColdFusion programming language is a scripting language for java virtual machine which is typed dynamically. The software helps in the prompt development of web applications that directly compile Java bytecode. Lucee works well with contemporary CFML script and tag language variants, thereby facilitating configurable support for ColdFusion markup language.

Lucee was developed by the Lucee Association Switzerland. The software first appeared in January 2015 and the stable release was done in August 2017. Lucee is intended to fork Ralio, with measures taken to fix the security loopholes of Ralio. Thus Lucee is expected to have more secure options compared to the former. The Lucee language supports multiple development paradigms, including object orientation with inheritance and interfaces, and functional constructs like higher-order functions, closures, map(), and reduce().

The main features of Lucee include:

  • Object-relational mapping
  • Database access
  • Web services
  • Caching
  • Virtual file systems

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