Life at Spericorn

Join the exciting world of Spericorn.

Time Flexibility

In Spericorn, the work timings are really flexible. We also provide compensatory off for our employees. In case, if you require a weekday off, you can compensate for that by working towards the weekends.

Work Pressure

Spericorn, make you feel free like home and you don’t feel any pressure here. That’s why we have a micro kitchen, coffee, month-end games and activities, indoor games, Quiz, Music, and whatnot. We also have two team outings a year, so that employees could get to know each other.

Dress Code

Spericorn allows you casuals at work. That is, there is no dress code. We also encourage Traditional dress on Wednesdays. “Hey. it’s summer….I want to wear the same dress that I wear for shopping…”. We agree on that.

Spericorn Highlights

We have our own highlights. We have parties after the successful delivery of each project. We have trips for all employees. We also encourage employees to strive for perfection. That’s why we have the best employee award every month. We are concerned about your family too. That’s why we have medical insurance coverage for your family members. We take care of charity activities and our CEO Amith Nair is a great philanthropist.

Life @
Spericorn Technology

At Spericorn, we transform Ideas into Reality. Spericorn spread across different parts of the globe, our engineers have impacted tons of lives thanking critical contributions to our products and services. 

Our largest campus is in Technopark and we do it all, so can you. Spericorn is a dream company for a lot. When we talk about working at Spericorn, more than the work and the brand, we talk about the culture, dress code, team outing, cafeteria, appraisals, and the most important, international tours.

“Life at Spericorn is in one word, awesome,” writes Neethu, a software engineer at Spericorn, writes at Quora.




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