Laravel Development – A Star in the World of PHP

Laravel Technology

In the last couple of years, developers around the world have been showing a trend of favoring a particular framework when it comes to PHP development.


It has become the top item on a PHP developer’s wish list. And suddenly every PHP developer wants to work in a Laravel Development Company.

Programming needs have always changed and it will keep changing. What we think best for our current situation may be changed tomorrow. There is always the advent of newer technologies to cater to that need. Laravel is that refreshing breath of air to the PHP framework.

If you are a connoisseur of programming beauty, beware, you are at the risk of falling in love with Laravel. It’s an irresistibly beautiful piece of code.

It is also touted as the best PHP framework with 50,996 stars on Github.

Since its launch in 2011, Laravel has grown multi-fold and now has become a one-stop PHP development stop for any business.

Because of the availability of so many options, choosing the right PHP framework for web app
development could be a gruesome task. We, at Spericorn, have been using Laravel regularly since 2013 and our client experiences have made us the most preferred Laravel Development Company around.

But the real credit goes to Taylor Otwell, who did a marvelous job creating the Laravel framework that is functional, well documented and effortless to work with.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a new generation open-source PHP web framework which follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It is a web application framework with elegant, expressive syntax. Laravel enables a developer to experience a truly enjoyable development process. The framework makes it creative and fulfilling by:

  • Simple, fast routing engine.
  • Powerful dependency injection container.
  • Multiple back-ends for session and cache storage.
  • Expressive, intuitive database ORM.
  • Database agnostic scheme migrations.
  • Real-time event broadcasting.

While PHP provides an efficient platform for Development Companies to develop complex, secure applications, Laravel helps the applications to operate at a greater level.

Laravel Development Company

As a PHP Development Company, we have tried various frameworks like Codeigniter, Symfony, CakePHP, and many others. Each one has their own advantages, features and capabilities which help developers create something valuable for their clients. But when we started with Laravel, we were surprised to see how expressive and creative we could be with the framework, and our delivery quality charts went through the roof.

Why Laravel?

Laravel Developers around the world swear by it. Laravel Development Companies recommend it. Laravel Development Services thrive in it.

Let’s look at why the world prefers Laravel:

  • Laravel makes implementing authentication simple.
  • It provides a neat, simple API over the SwiftMailer library and integrating mail service becomes easy.
  • It protects the application against dangerous security risks – SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.
  • Easy-to-understand documentation and MVC support.
  • Pre-configured error and exception handling.
  • Blade templating engine is a marvelous feature of Laravel and easy to use and understand.
  • Unlike controller layouts, Blade is driven by template inheritance and sections.
  • Laravel’s database query builder provides an easy, expressive interface to create and run database queries.
  • Artisan – It offers a built-in command tool called Artisan which helps automate most of the tedious repetitive programming tasks.

By now, you have realized that Laravel is easy to get started and is loaded with all necessary capabilities. Laravel can work well with browsers and search engines to offer comprehensive views.

More Framework Benefits

Easy automation of testing work: Automation testing is a traditional way of testing to see if the application performs well without any crashes or bugs. Laravel has built-in testing functionalities. Testing with PHPUnit is included in phpunit.xml file which has been already set up for the application. It is capable of running multiple unit tests to ensure that new changes done by the developer do not unexpectedly break the web application.

Business logic code separated from presentation logic: The MVC architecture pattern which Laravel
supports, ensures separation of business logic and presentation layers. This segregation gives privileges to the UI/UX designer to change the appearance of a web page without any interactions with developers.

Simplified URL routing configuration: URL routing is essential for any web application to be executed
with a simple click or by typing it out. Laravel has the inbuilt file configuration that is defined in the app/http/routes.php file that is automatically loaded by the framework.

Task configuration schedule and management: Schedule management is the process of developing, maintaining and communicating schedules for an allocated time and resource. Laravel has a scheduler called “command scheduler” that allows for an eloquent way of defining command schedule within Laravel itself, only the single CRON entry is needed on the server.

Accessible for object-oriented libraries: Among the multiple frameworks of PHP, Laravel comes under the list of behavior that supports object-oriented libraries.

Smooth database migration: It is important for developers to sync the database between development machines. We can leverage on Laravel’s database migration mechanism that uses MySQL to sync databases. Its migration system helps to expand the web application database structure without recreating every time there is a change in source code. So, there is very minimal risk of losing data. Also, Laravel schema builder helps create database tables and insert indices and columns without any delay.

Spericorn - An Early Adopter of Laravel

This framework is young and promising, and it has the support of a plethora of best practices required for its business use – both small and enterprise businesses. Another huge aid is from its large growing communities who are quick to provide resolutions of any programming issues. To top it all, there are a lot of informative blogs and forums to provide expert opinions for hassle-free coding.

Spericorn is at the forefront of utilizing all these resources to provide the most perfect solution through Laravel. We take complete responsibility of our client’s requirements to ensure top notch results all the time. Our Laravel Development team uses this modern toolkit with an amazing ORM, painless routing, power queue library and simple authentication to deliver amazing applications. We sweat it out so that you don’t have to.

You have an awesome team of Laravel developers and an extraordinary Laravel Development Company
at your disposal.

What are you waiting for?