Iron Man Suit is Possible with Artificial Intelligence. Here’s the Story.


Iron Man is one of the world’s most beloved superheroes.

He can fly, shoot energy beams from his hands, but the most prominent feature is the Artificial Intelligence unit named “JARVIS” that controls the entire Iron Man suit system.

If you have a friend like JARVIS, your limit could turn limitless and that is going to be the future. Artificial intelligence can make decisions by itself like how a human brain does and is more powerful with complex calculations, running multiple algorithms and self-decision capabilities.

Iron Man Suit is Possible with Artificial Intelligence

We are going to explain how an Iron Man suit is possible in two steps.

1. Construction of Iron Man suit.
2. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

1. Construction of Iron Man Suit

a.  Material

The suit is actually a heavy armor which can be built using carbon fiber on the outside and nickel-titanium alloy inside. Carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel and half the weight, thus used in building aircrafts. Nickel-titanium alloy is a shape memory or super-elastic alloy and has excellent shape recovering ability and durability. We can use 3D printing and advanced design processes for building the suit.

b.  ARC Reactor

The ARC reactor is the power source of the Iron Man suit. And it generates extremely large amounts of power. The ARC reactor is based entirely on existing, proven technology according to MIT, and it can be built using commercially available super conductors.

c.  Nickel-63 Nuclear Battery

We can power the Iron Man suit with Nickel-63 battery which is connected to the ARC reactor. Russian researchers have developed Nickel-63 nuclear battery that lasts for a 100 years. The power density of this battery can be increased for higher energy output. This Nickel-63 nuclear battery, with a bit of customization, can be used to power up the Iron Man suit.

Modern nuclear submarines use nuclear batteries that deliver a lot of power from a very small volume. The same design could be made more compact to be placed at different parts of the suit.

d. Flying Concept

According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, where the thrust is the force applied against the ground or through air that enables the suit to fly. As we know force = mass of the system x acceleration,f= ma where f is the force, m is the mass and a is the acceleration. And thrust is generated by the propulsion system here, but we may need a miniature form of the jet propulsion system.

This environment is found in the three main components of a rocket engine: the combustion chamber, the throat and the nozzle.

Iron Man Suit is Possible with Artificial Intelligence

Schematic of propulsion system

Thrusters are powered by the ARC reactor. The reactor generates electric power which in turn powers the ion propulsion device. Ion propulsion is an actual tech employed by NASA for its Deep Space 1 mission.

NASA’s new X3 thruster developed by the University of Michigan in collaboration with the US Air Force is an example of this technology. It is a type of Hall thruster, a design that uses a stream of ions to propel a spacecraft. Plasma is expelled to generate thrust, producing far greater speeds than what is possible with chemical propulsion rockets.

Thrusters provide vertical and horizontal lift. These are intelligently designed to give Iron Man suit the right orientation and propulsion.

e. Firing or Repulsor Beams

At present, we do have the technology to fire bullets, laser beams and miniature rockets from a system attached to hand. A repulsor is a form in which a high-density muon beam can be projected. Though Iron Man’s repulsor technology is not a reality now, we do have particle beam weapons, lasers, and sound bullets.

Lasers and other directed-energy weapons have some advantages.

  • The weapon’s light output can travel at the velocity of light.
  • The weapons can be precisely targeted.
  • Controlled output – high power for lethal outcomes and low power for nonlethal outcomes.

So it is quite possible to arm the Iron Man suit with laser beams.

2. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As we concluded that flying and firing are practically possible, like we have seen in fighter jets, the big deal is the integration of Artificial intelligence (JARVIS) into the Iron Man suit.

JARVIS is an artificial intelligence (AI) unit that can produce intelligence and logic as that of a human being. It makes self-decisions which are highly accurate and precise.

Modern technology can build such an artificial intelligence system, where it can learn itself to find a way to build a real Iron Man suit. It might even learn by reading this article!

We already have artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like Natural Language Processing, Machine Language platforms, decision management systems, Deep Learning platforms and Robotic Process Automation available. So, developing a JARVIS-like artificial intelligence (AI) system is quite possible.

Iron Man Suit is Possible with Artificial Intelligence


In the Iron Man suit, it’s unthinkable to incorporate a huge storage system to keep all data of the universe. So, how is that going to be possible? Here’s the solution.

a. Cloud computing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The suit notices and analyzes almost everything. There is a huge amount of data to be stored, analyzed and decisions made in split seconds. It is not practically possible to keep all data in the Iron Man suit, but we can have a basic storage system to store data for risk management and offline support.

Since we cannot keep all data in the suit, we prefer to choose cloud computing with artificial intelligence. So the suit will always be connected to the cloud servers where the cloud servers will be processing the request based on the artificial intelligence (AI) solutions build. It enables the suit to have extreme data transfer mechanism with high computing power and speed.

Iron Man Suit is Possible with Artificial Intelligence


Ever thought about how the suit is going to get repaired in flight or during an emergency? This part is handled by the resilient nature of the suit.

b. Resilience

You have seen Iron Man recovering in no time even after hit by a missile. This is because of the “resilience” power of the suit which we can also call self-healing. It has an in-built mechanism for risk management. This self-healing is efficiently done using nanotechnology, connected to artificial intelligence (AI), and is capable of repairing and healing any part of the Iron Man suit.

We Can Make It Possible

Spericorn Technology has been involved in artificial intelligence (AI) research for the past 2 years. Our focus is in perfecting the technology than making a quick prototype.

We have completed two artificial intelligence (AI) projects so far which employs Deep Learning and Machine Learning methodologies for our clients. These two projects have brought us so much of confidence and made us proud getting a lot of appreciation from our client.

And our research still continues.

We will be back with more news on the development of our own JARVIS and eventually a full-fledged Iron Man suit.