IoT-enabled restaurant service Automated Robot (path follower)

Roboteam, a Russian provider of tactical ground robotic systems, reached out to Spericorn Technology a couple of months ago. They had the ambition to create an innovative device that would put them in the front-runner position for the restaurant industry. The clients' concept was an automated robot with advanced detection capabilities that could autonomously make decisions and reach its destination if it encountered obstacles.

Our team used custom techniques and IoT-powered solutions as an automated system to identify clients' requirements. Spericorn had already engineered numerous solutions for multiple partners in various technologies. See how it turned out!

Project Challenges

Challenges encountered during development:
  • Food at desk
  • Automatic conflict detection Robot
Food at desk
Deliver food to tables in one run and perform other tasks such as taking orders, cleaning tables and greeting guests. Each table is packed with advanced sensors to communicate with the Robot.
Automatic conflict detection Robot
When the Robot detects an obstacle in its path, its ultrasonic sensor will control the Robot to make its way to reach the right table.

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Building the line robot was a challenge that involved a lot of research and testing to find the best use cases for the project's architecture and technology. We have developed a line-following robot that uses sensor-driven motors to follow a given line path to serve meals. The order is sent directly to the kitchen screen and table number. When the food is ready, the chef puts the food on the Robot and enters the table number for delivery.

If there is an obstacle on the way, the ultrasonic sensor will detect it and direct the Robot's movement by taking another line to reach the right table. When detecting an obstacle, the piezo buzzer is alerted to take another path to the table, encoded table instructions for the smooth processing of the Robot.


Spericorn Technology used our IoT solution to support the team in defining and setting software development priorities for the project. The Robot is on the way to leading the market in restaurant industry robotics. It wins the users' hearts in no time, as it is a premium device at a reasonable price.

We supported the team with our software skills and introduced the global robotics company to our agile culture, principles, and processes. In hindsight, this was the best workflow for this project.
Technologies Used
Raspberry Pi 4
IR Sensor
Motor control unit

Discover the stages of the software development process at Spericon. Get a free consultation!

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