HTML5 Development Company

Spericorn Technology has extensive experience in dealing with some of the latest HTML5 technologies. Our development team has over 100 projects endowed, making him one of the leading HTML5 development companies.

Our HTML5 development
services include

Spericorn Technology offers unique bespoke solutions according to customer requirements. Our HTML5 development team can develop a fully functional dedicated website according to the client's project requirements. We also have experience updating existing websites and overhauling old designs. We have core competencies in many HTML5 development services such as

web development
HTML5 Responsive Web Design

HTML5 Responsive Web Design is widely used today as it loads fast and automatically adjusts to all screen sizes.

Angular interface design
Custom HTML5 Development

As a premier provider of custom HTML5 development services, we offer PSD to HTML conversion services to make web pages load faster and comply with industry standards.

API development
HTML5 / CSS3 + SASS Coding

To design a website with the latest coding standards, we prefer SASS coding at Spericorn Technology.

Custom development
HTML5 Web App Development

With the HTML5 web app development service, we ensure the delivery of user-centric apps to offer an extraordinary experience.

E-commerce development
HTML5 App Development

Our team is undeniably professional in their approach to web design, defining its approach through professional app design and coding.

Benefits of HTML5 Development Service

We focus on client success, and our premium HTML5 development services ensure you get the best online performance, fast load times, easy scalability, and a responsive platform. Spericorn Technology, a leading HTML5 development company, offers the most optimum development solutions for your business.

Code Splitting
Simple and easy to use

HTML5 is flexible and has a simple syntax.

Code Generation
Most browsers support HTML5

Most browsers support websites based on HTML5 and improve the user experience.

HTML5 and XML syntax are similar

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of interest in storing data using the XML platform.

Free of cost

HTML5 is free because it doesn't require plugins or other software. On the other hand, content management systems based on open source are not necessarily free.

Angular CLI
Search engine affinity

HTML5 websites are most accessible to search engine crawlers when designed using clean and validated HTML5.

Multiple Platforms
Caters to the majority of needs

From corporate websites with e-commerce features to general websites with marketing and company information, HTML5 websites are what you need to cover all bases.

Hire the Top HTML5 Developers

Spericorn Technology has a team of highly skilled and expert designers and developers to start planning and executing your project today.

Meeting with experts
Why Choose Spericorn Technology?

Our Angular app development company strives to provide scalable and secure app development services. Our key features make us the perfect choice for you.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

Due to our fondness for time and money, we guarantee on-time delivery at a low price for products of high quality.

Visually Stunning
Visually Stunning

Our goal is to make web projects and applications that cater to the highest level of user experience.

All Industries Covered
All Industries Covered

Our team has experience developing business applications for major industries. You can count on us to make your ideas a reality.

Business Upgradation
Business Upgradation

We understand that businesses must keep up with technology as it advances daily. The latest technology is used in our work, including wearables, IoT, chatbots, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the difference between HTML and HTML5?

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HTML is the primary language used to develop web pages, while HTML5 is the latest version of HTML with new functionalities. HTML does not support video and audio, whereas HTML5 does.

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How do you track the progress of your HTML5 project?

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Our project manager will send you complete project information at the end of each working day and monitor the developer's work. Our project managers closely monitor the client's work to ensure excellent results during development.

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How many developers can I hire to develop an HTML5 website?

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The number of developers assigned to your HTML5 project depends entirely on your project's needs. We can hire an entire team of designers and developers for complex projects.

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What are the benefits of hiring an HTML5 developer from Spericorn Technology?

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Hiring a dedicated HTML5 developer from Spericorn Technology allows you to make the most of our skilled and well-trained developers and programmers. We provide precise cost and time estimates for your projects, guaranteed monthly production time with no hidden costs, and more.

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How much does it cost to develop an HTML5 website?

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Our team of experts will ask you a few questions about features you'd like to add to your HTML5 webpage. Our expert and his HTML5 developer will inform you of the actual development costs. Reach us to find out how much it costs to develop an HTML5 website.