How to motivate a Software developer?

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Software development is a leading job profile in the current period of technology with millions of people employed in the sector. The narrow time schedules to meet deadlines and continuous work pressure are some big challenges the developers face. The mind and consciousness of a programmer have to be energetic always. They have to be open to new ideas and technologies with the updates happening around. How can a software developer be motivated to put maximum effort in works?

Energy drain is the biggest challenge a developer faces. Immersed in the logical thinking and digging ways to make even the impossible happen can make the life of a developer coarse and mundane. There have to be some measures to bring the person out of his cage of work pressure and motivate him to think and act beyond the regularities.

1. Brainstorming sessions.

These sessions help the developers to stay focused and think beyond their routine levels of processing. This can help to bring out their full potential. Such occasions will help to improve their thinking capacity and can instill great confidence.

2. Quality discussions

Sharing of ideas is a healthy way to improve and motivate people. Discussing ideas constructively can help to grasp more information on a topic and in the same way, can get an insight into another person’s pattern of work and ideologies.

3. Familiarity with new technologies.

A developer has to be constantly updated on what is happening in his language of interest. Knowledge is a strong cause of motivation to find more and be the master of the trade. It gives the person a boost in his career as well as more confidence to put more efforts in work.

4. Recognition of talents

If the company you work recognize your skills and appreciate you for your talents, wouldn’t you feel more inclined to work with higher dedication level? Yes. Getting adequate appreciation and recognition of the work helps a person to put his best in the tasks.

5. Opportunities to innovate

Allowing a person to work without chaining his ideas is a great way to get the best productivity from employees. An inspiring environment and freedom to use innovation allows the person to make great achievements.

6. Working with a talented team.

Associating with highly talented people helps a developer to think and work in a more positive attitude. Their working pattern and processing can inspire the developers to implement creative and intelligent ideas. There will be a flow of knowledge and ideas while working with a skilled team.

7. Short trips in between.

Leisure is needed in between the tight work schedules to keep the mind fresh. Short trips to places of interest can help a developer to motivate and refresh. Sipping hot tea in a cold hill station and enjoying the scenic beauty can definitely cool the head from work pressure.

8. Relax with music

Many successful companies let the employees enjoy the music in office while working. This can help the developers relax and think in a straight and coherent way. Working with high pressure can make people go deep into depression and music is great to rejuvenate the minds of developers.

9. Flexible working hours

A person who leaves the office late, say by midnight, cannot be asked to come right at 9 o’ clock the next day. Keeping the timing flexible helps the developers to manage their personal life together with the work life in balance. Tight clutches of management cannot make the employee work with enthusiasm.

10. Work from home facilities

On living a balanced life, one has to make many compromises in life. If the person can do both office work and his personal life in sync, it would definitely help him to get more confidence. If a developer has some personal commitments at home and the company allows him to code from home on a flexible pattern, the employee will remain loyal and greatly indebted to the company.

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