Top things to remember while hiring a developer

Offshore Development

You have an idea. This idea has to be transformed into an actual product or app and that is why you need to hire developers. To give wings to a bird, you first need to have the body or flesh. This is what the developers create in the first place. Every company desires for a talented developer, who can come up with unique ideas to complete projects in success. It is a common trouble for even experienced HRs to find efficient developers for their company and when the search for a full-time in-house developer fails, they turn for remote and freelance developers from around the globe.

First, let’s get a list of the most desired qualities in a software developer.

• Positive attitude to every situation.
• Task Management skills
• Strong ability to time schedule
• Calibre to learn fast
• Broad technical experience
• Team player

What if the person you found on LinkedIn possess these qualities but happen to be on the other side of the globe? Well, you hire them for their capabilities and outstanding performances rather than focussing on the geographical location barrier. This is an instance of hiring developers on freelance or remote basis.

There are a few important things you need to decide before hiring a developer.

• Budget you invest in the project
• Scope of the project
• Design plan to implement.

Why is budget important?

Every project needs a financial backbone to meet the expenses of developing the product or app. The key features which determine the budget amount are time, the elements needed for the project, the developer rate, and the options you choose to provide the users. Building an app is indeed expensive. You will have to calculate the total hours needed to finish the development and multiply it by the hourly rate of the developer. You will get a base amount. Now consider the features you need to implement in the app. This will get you an estimated amount of the money you will have to invest in the development process. So, unless you have a budget in the beginning, you will not be able to hire developer who fits your desired requirement.

How is the scope of a project determined?

The best way to approach the scope of a project is to think like a product manager. Approach the product with a critical analysis. Why did you plan to make such a thing in the first place? This is your drive to start the development process. You have to determine the scope of the project before you hire a developer. While determining the scope, make sure you find a solution to certain questions and those should be your major objective.

• What is the major problem to which your idea is a solution?
• Does this idea solve the drawbacks of existing solutions?
• Is this idea capable to meet the needs of the customers?

Hiring a developer makes you kick-start your task of building the project which can be actually used by customers. A qualified and experienced developer can make your tedious project seem less so by the best tactics implementation. Spericorn is the best solution to get certified proficient developers to meet your project needs. We offer developers in Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJs, Django, ColdFusion and many other leading global technologies. Hire developers of multi-dimensional work experiences so that you would benefit from their unparalleled talents and ideas. Spericorn, being a leading IT services and solutions provider, lets you reap the best benefits with reasonable investments. with reasonable investments.