We are the Best Django Development Company. But How Will You Know?

Django Technology

Clients, large or medium or small, around the world are constantly looking for the best Web Development Company they want to work with. And the parameters for such a selection usually are cost, capability, expertise, and the comfort to work with.

A similar thought process is on while you are choosing a language or a framework. Sometimes you choose a framework just because you used it in your previous project. Definitely not the way to go.

Django Decelopment CompanySo as a standard procedure, like most of the companies do, you want to evaluate which language and framework could give you the desired outcome. In that decision-making process, what are those that really matters to you?

Rapid development, scalability, security, support?

Having an informed choice is generally a prudent way to lead your thoughts into the selection. Some other crucial parameters for such a choice are the cumulative knowledge of    your developers, the project and the tools available.

After years of development, project management and deliveries in web/app stratosphere, we, as a Web Development Company, believe that Django offers the best framework to realize your ideas. It has a huge fan following for its pragmatic design and usability.

The Brotherhood of Python

Django is written on the powerful Python which is a multi-platform and open-source language. So naturally Django has inherited most of its key characteristics from Python. Let’s first see what Python is.

  • It’s the most popular language for development for several years and is still growing.
  • It’s easy to learn and continues to be the favorite among developers.
  • It’s a high-level web framework designed for rapid web project development.
  • It’s highly recommended for developing web scrapers.
  • It gels well with other languages. While working with Python, you don’t have to stick to just Python all along, but you can use libraries built with other languages like C and Java.
  • It makes transparent and high-quality code writing possible crucial for both developers and customers.
  • It’s used extensively in cutting-edge tech like machine learning, big data, etc.

Django shares the same philosophy and characteristic of Python which makes its developers produce top-quality code.

Django Comes Loaded

Django comes with a plethora of libraries and tools required for common use cases. HTTP libraries, Authentication, Django ORM, Middlewares, Multi-site Support, Django Admin, etc., are some of them. It looks like no other framework offers such extensive support.

Django lets a developer spend his/her time on the stuff that matters. Remember, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! (No wonder there are more Django development companies now.)

The Ideal Framework for MVP Design

More and more tech startups and emerging verticals choose MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model for the takeoff of their entrepreneurial venture. Ideally, an MVP model should be scalable and have scope for further development.

Django could be the best solution for an MVP because it has a repository of necessary tools to create any additional feature for the product.

Framework Security

It also provides one of the best security levels among the currently available frameworks. It doesn’t compromise on security even on the premises of rapid development. And it is done by preventing most common security mistakes.

XSS Protection: Django template system by default escapes variables unless they are explicitly marked as safe.

CSRF Protection: Easy to turn on globally. Makes sure that POST requests are sent from your own site.

SQL Injection Protection: There is no risk of SQL injection because of built-in ORM.

Clickjacking Protection: Django can detect when the content is requested from unauthorized iframe.

Safe Password Hash: Django by default uses PBKDF2 and an optional bcrypt. Both are resilient to usage of rainbow tables and have significant compute time to prevent easy bruteforce.

Even though Django is as secure as any web framework can be, in the end the robustness of the security depends on how the developer uses the framework.

DRY Principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself)

Rarely frameworks are actually DRY compliant though they seem to claim so. Apps these days are updated regularly and you are advised to follow DRY to avoid issues in its development. For example, while working with Laravel, you are required to write validations for each route separately. So, you need to make efforts to keep your code DRY compliant.

Django is designed in such a way that you really have to go out of your way to commit a breach of DRY compliance.

Affinity Towards High-Load Projects

Django framework best suits high-load project unless you err with the approach to implementation. Django Development Companies work with technologies such as Memcached, MongoDB, etc., for quick data processing and fast loading pages.

Let’s look at some of the famous projects built with Django.

Pinterest – It is a platform where users can upload, save, sort and manage images, known as pins, and other media content through collections known as pinboards. Django is the power behind Pinterest which allows the users to interact with ease.

Instagram – With over 1 billion users sharing photos and videos, Django keeps the experience of browsing, finding and posting photos simple and enjoyable.

YouTube – Originally a PHP-based application, YouTube moved towards Django because of the constant need to improve and newer functionalities thus making the upgrades effortless.

NASA – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration website features news, pictures and videos which are high and heavy in byte size. Django makes management of huge number of views and traffic easy and error-free.

Spericorn Does Django

As you might agree, there are many challenges you come across while determining the language or framework to be selected for a project because in most of the cases, there are several options to develop and implement a project. A crucial decision here is about finding a team that can comprehend your requirements and implement ideas in the best way and the shortest time possible.

Spericorn is a Django Development Company who specializes in developing websites using Python programming focused on Django framework because it is simple and reliable. In our experience, Django delivers a perfect balance between architecture and performance, scalability and security.

Working with Spericorn makes your web development process the fastest and the most reliable. You will find yourself building, launching and scaling your application in no time. With a truckload of customer delight around us, we are the best Django Development Company you will ever work with.

Now you know.