Social Media Marketing
Management Services
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Monitor performance and
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Make it visual, branded, and consistent. Find the best time to publish. We set it to automatically post, queue, and publish posts regularly. While there are various studies outlining recommended posting timing and frequency, we recommend a brand- and behavior-specific course of action based on your brand's stage of development.

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Set up cross-platform
publishing and monitoring

Extend your brand's reach across digital platforms by actively posting on cross-platform social media. Bi-monthly monitoring recommends understanding the overall performance of your content and visual strategy. It opens more avenues for exploring his ROI opportunities for brands.

We offer a customized approach to social media
marketing, which scales to fit any business.

Social media is vast. Defining your short- and long-term goals is essential from the start. Social media content planning and good social content are keys to increasing audience engagement and reach. We measure current business conditions and immediate goals, determine the best actions and recommend immediate action plans. Our strategy team creates seamless sprints of action byte by byte to scale social activity.

  • Set Goals
  • Content planning
  • Engagement Action Plan
  • Sprint of Actions
Brand Image

A consistent brand. Image by enhancing key messaging via a distinctive style is more likely to help your brand become reliable, clear and understandable. Social Media Marketing calls for religious interaction with the audience, gaining subscribers and persuading followers to convert. A distinctive style that portrays the brand, service and product entrusts the audience.

  • Engage
  • Listen
  • Persuade
  • Be consistent
  • Have a style

With the right campaign, strategy propels your content with the right targeting tools. Understanding the right time of publishing, voice and tone of the brand toned to your voice of the customer is the key to leveraging the best time of your customer's time online.

  • Advertisements
  • Influencer programs
  • Community Building
  • Conversions
Our Process : How do Spericorn Technology Social Media Marketing management services work ?

Our expert team of social media marketers, designers, creative thinkers and writers constantly analyze audience behavior, likes and dislikes to create and manage posts and campaigns that are interesting and attention-grabbing. It increases engagement and conversions and drives business growth.

Increasing website traffic

How do you make it easy for people to visit your site, rather than just click through and past the Social Media baits? Click-through goals and compelling content make your Social Media baits effective for visitors to click through and visit your website.

Building conversions

Create intelligent ad loops to map metrics directly from reach, delivery and conversions. Run the best ads with great calls to action.

Raising brand awareness

We use Social Media to run Dynamic Content testing, understand what is best and unlock the secrets to your brand's success in social media marketing.

Building a positive brand identity and association

The right mix of relevant content with branding creates recall and sorts the reliability of the brand online. Our well-equipped strategists and visual designers do that just right for brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser and more.

Engaging key audiences and improving communication

Be ready to interact with customers looking out for you. Good social listening helps the brand establish trust with customers. Social Media Marketing plays the role of a friendly approachable face of your brand.