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Keyword Ideas

Competitive & often searched key phrases are extra high priced and take an extended time to mirror back.

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Web pages load speed, crawling, URL structure, internet site code quality, and internet site security.

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On-Page Optimization

Search engines continuously replace their algorithms. Content construct for users, Click Through Rates, Usability, Keywords Strategy, Interlinking

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Off-Page Optimization

Building terrific and applicable backlinks that pressure heavy site visitors is the ultimate step to reaching out to your competitors.


Understand your business

You want a swifter method to seize capacity customers in the online marketplace that calls for higher visibility and optimization tools. As a way to get commenced in the fast-growing marketing industry, we comprehend what you need to create a successful commercial face in the marketplace.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research team understands the importance of using keywords to highlight services and products. We use a strategic approach to adding value to your business that is built on analyzing both long- and short-tail keywords.

Optimize Website to Target Audience

Optimizing your website can help you attract a specific audience to your business. As search engines keep changing their algorithms, we optimize your website to keep what's relevant from time to time. Making it a comfortable experience for the visitors to your site can attract a lot more.

Technical Optimization

A user interface optimization and user experience optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. An extremely intriguing part of Digital marketing as it enhances crawling. Our goal remains to modify the search engine requirements so that your website finds no difficulty driving your online presence.

On page optimization

Digital marketing is all about making your website stand out from the crowd. Using digital marketing techniques that are unique is the key to increasing traffic to your website. We follow an innovative and unique process that will make your website stand out among your competitors.
Optimization of title tags, Meta descriptions, Robots files, Sitemap updates, URL optimization, Canonical tags, Robots tags, Duplicate content checks, and Quality content creation

Off-page optimization

We are great at constructing a court with clients and getting related to potential customers. From handling social media to one-way links to promotions and extra are looked after through our groups who will let you construct a sincere and authoritative search for your website.

Local SEO optimization

Optimization can be done to gain more traffic, conversions and leads for your local businesses. Our effective strategies can help you grow better and eventually start being visible on search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft's Search Engine Land (SEL).

Structured data implementation

We understand what searchers are looking for and how they want it when they visit your website. All the information on your website will be organized on a webpage and systematically tagged with particular groups so that the information is understandable by search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

AMP Implementation

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technique to create a framework for cell pages to load faster. We help you to allow customers to have web page loading speeds and superb performance. With the assistance of AMP implementation possibly gains clean optimizations and delivers your customers an awesome cell experience.

UI UX Suggestion

UX and UI are two key components that we use to build brand value. They are implemented to provide customer satisfaction and to drive more visitors. UX and UI will contribute to your website and application's success rate by making it easier for users to interact.

Penalty Removal

Penalty Removal is essential to your virtual enterprise as it may affect your boom and your destiny efforts can get penalized due to any Negative SEO. The techniques that we use to cast off Google penalty techniques to deliver your enterprise again on the right track in no time.

SEO for Google Business Listing

If you are looking for a local business to advertise on Google, you can make it happen by updating information and engaging more people in your business. People better find your business the closest when they search for it on Google. The process in this is to assess the relevance, prominence and distance so that users can find you as a match.

Spericorn Technology SEO Services in the
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SEO is all about locating your net web page from search engines like google and yahoo outcomes with business-orientated seek questions or keywords.
Our team of SEO Analysts devises a prepared course of action through researching, reading and comparing your Search engine list function in step with the cutting-edge seek engine set of rules or Google set of rules updates.

Then, the benchmark in opposition to the present pinnacle ranker and execute the plan to decorate the visibility of an internet site and attain the pinnacle withinside the seek engine outcomes.

At Spericorn Technology, with years of experience in SEO services and have worked with clients across numerous industries.

Get ahead of the competition and capture more traffic (and revenue) from searches with Spericorn Technology.