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Search Engine Marketing

Our strategic approach to search engine marketing can generate leads for your business. We ensure our SEM customers consistently rank high in search engines. Our SEM services include SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns and social media marketing. We Tailor SEM solutions to each client's needs.

Search Ads

Customers look for companies like yours online every second on Google. Obtain their attention by using search ads. Our advertising services assist you in appearing when consumers search for your product offers.

Display Ads

Our advertising target is specific interest categories, demographics, regular site visitors and keywords. Our PPC experts design display ads that deliver the right message to the right audience. Our services include banner, text and video ads for web-based social media campaigns.

Video Ads

Video ads are more likely to engage your audience and make them interested in your product or service than blocks of text. Let us help you create powerful video ad campaigns that promote your content, generate valuable leads, and increase conversion rates.

Shopping Ads

We design shopping ads that can promote your products with titles, images, descriptions and business names. Proper Shopping ads, including reviews and promotions, encourage shoppers to trust your brand. Our various shopping advertising campaign services can help your business generate more revenue and ROI.

Remarketing Ads

Our remarketing ads campaigns align with your branding and help offer a seamless natural advertising experience. Remarketing ads remind your customers to visit your site again and increase your click-through rate. Our campaigns ensure that the content, designs, and messages are put forth to the audience.

PPC Services: Discover Our Professional PPC Process

Campaign Setup and Strategy (Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud)

Leveraging our campaign goals, thorough policy analysis and meticulous identification of key influencers, we have crafted an effective strategy to maximize conversions. Protect your PPC Ads from fraudulent clicks with our click and fraud monitoring services. Our services detect click fraud as it happens, allowing you to recover lost money and block any suspicious clicks. Act now and secure your investments!

Design and A/B Testing on Landing Page

By employing A/B testing strategies, we can minimize risks while helping you to maximize efficiency by strategically allocating your business resources. We prepare to land pages primarily for customers who use Google’s search Ads but they can be customized to work for any kind of inbound traffic source.

Ad campaign copywriting -> Ad copy performance testing

Transform your ad viewers into customers with our Ad campaign copywriting services. Our expert copywriters create professional, compelling ads which encourage readers to take action. Every ad is designed to maximize conversions and help you achieve your business goals. Testing your ad copy can help you make confident decisions to maximize your business’s success. Discover which ads perform best and capitalize on them for better results.

Advanced Keyword research, development and keyword insertion into ads

Our keyword tweaking and development services directly impact the search visibility of your website. Our cutting-edge keyword research methodology begins using high-level research and data analytics tools. We implement the advanced Google Ads feature that can dynamically update the text of your ad to include keywords that match the customers’ search terms.

Results Analysis and reporting

Our experts dive deep into analytics and study data about bounce rates, user flow, pages per session and CRM data to create meaningful reports.

Analytics integration and goal tracking We help you set goals for certain metrics so that they can be tracked through Google Analytics. Integrating Google Analytics with your PPC campaigns, it strengthens your goal-tracking process and gains a deeper understanding of your audience's journey from initial engagement to conversion. Gain greater insight into the holistic value of each of your campaigns, allowing you to tweak and optimize for even better results.

Website conversion analysis implementation Website conversion analysis and implementation can improve the site’s performance, convert traffic to sales, drive desired results, and generate revenue for the business.

Monthly performance analysis and reporting Our performance analytics is the heart of data collection and monitoring of activities to provide valuable data insights. Daily trends are viewed and analyzed through our running reports.

Competitor analysis We offer competitor analysis services that can collate, and analyze, competitors’ information, products, services, strengths, and weaknesses to assess your position and work on your strategies.

LinkedIn Ads audience insights

Our experienced team of PPC experts utilizes LinkedIn Ads audience insights to create tailored campaigns capable of targeting the right people. With the right combination of targeting, budget and audience insights, our LinkedIn ad campaigns deliver results by connecting with the right audience segments for your business.

PPC account settings monitoring and optimization

Our PPC account monitoring services help identify PPC metrics, monitor them regularly, and tweak ads to help businesses to get closer to their objectives with AdWords. It is essential to optimize your Google Adwords account to ensure your ads are relevant, visible to your intended audience, keyword-matching, logical, semantic, and structured appropriately.

Strategic bid management

Using our strategic bid management techniques, you can approach PPC campaigns at an advanced level. Our dedicated team ensures that your campaign strategy is optimized and you are driving the best traffic that can convert. Through our rule-based bidding services, you have the option to set rules to modify campaigns based on outside events or triggers.

App Installation -> App Engagement -> App pre-registration

We have designed App install ads to drive mobile app installs from sources other than app marketplaces. This ad type typically appears in places such as social media feeds. App install campaigns generate many downloads in a short period, which increases your app's ranking in app stores.

Run App Campaigns (ACE) for Engagement. You can use this to retarget customers who have installed your app and encourage them to perform a specific in-app action. Ads appear across multiple Google services, including Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and other apps on the Display Network.

Pre-registration allows you to increase the popularity and visibility of your App or game in selected countries before releasing it to Google Play. If you enable pre-registration for your App or game, users can visit your store listing to learn more about and pre-register for new apps and games.

PPC Techniques we employ
PPC Techniques
Dedicated Manager

Spericorn Technology consists of dedicated managers who assist in joint marketing analysis and highly specialized strategies to increase the company's ROI.

PPC Techniques
Guaranteed Result

Our motto is to ensure the best traffic, leads and sales. There is always a win-win you can do to increase your chances of equipping and getting fine-tuned results.

PPC Techniques

Now you can work on budget-friendly deals and create packages without losing your budget.

PPC Techniques

Get instant 24x7 support for custom reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

PPC Techniques

Our fast and dynamic platform uses high-end CRM tools and other approaches under guided criteria that drive targeted conversions to sales opportunities.

PPC Techniques
Team Members

Having years of experience in pay-per-click optimization services and managing the company's strategy by running various PPC campaigns. Our team aids to automate at large as we exist, come across risks and other PPC professionals. Our Team spontaneously takes care of in-depth solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What should I consider when choosing a PPC agency in the USA?

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When selecting a PPC agency in the USA, it is essential to consider their experience and expertise in the field.

  • You should evaluate their customer service and how they support their clients.
  • Look into the agency's track record of success and the types of campaigns they have run in the past.
  • Consider their pricing structure and what services and support they provide.
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Which is the leading PPC agency in the USA?

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Spericorn technology is the leading pay-per-click (PPC) agency in the USA. We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes with their online advertising campaigns. Our team is highly experienced professionals who deeply understand the PPC industry and the most up-to-date strategies for successful campaigns.

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What are the benefits of PPC ads?

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Pay-per-click (PPC) ads offer several advantages for businesses and marketers, including:

  • Increased visibility: PPC ads are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) and websites, allowing you to reach a large and targeted audience.
  • Cost-effectiveness: PPC ads are a cost-effective and efficient way to generate leads and drive conversions.
  • Measurable results: PPC campaigns are easy to track, allowing you to measure performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Flexibility: you can adjust your campaigns to fit your budget and target audience.
  • Improved ROI: PPC campaigns have the potential to generate a higher return on investment than other forms of online advertising.
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How is Spericorn different from other PPC agencies in the USA?

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Spericorn Technology offers a wide range of PPC services, including keyword research, ad creation and optimization, remarketing, and campaign management. We also provide web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from small local businesses to large national brands. Our team has the experience and knowledge to develop effective campaigns to help you reach your digital marketing goals.