Don’t miss these top trends in Content Marketing 2018

Digital Marketing

True to the saying change is the only constant, each day a new technology gains the stage, sending waves transformations in various sectors around the world. When technologies get updated and level of competition raises, the strategies to top the provider’s list also has to be updated with most possible and effective methods. For a business organization to come up and compete with the rest of the bunch, it needs brilliant content tactics. Content marketing is the backbone of the digital marketing sector and turns out to be the core element in driving the business forward.

The trends in establishing a stable presence in the listings changes very often and so should the pattern of promoting the related content. These trends are enhanced by the intelligent tactics followed by best content marketers in the field along with Google’s changing algorithm patterns. Developing quality content is an art to let a business firm climb up the charts and has a great role to play in improving the chances of the brand to get recognized. What are the top game-changing factors for quality content production?

  • Videos
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Chatbots
  • Content quality

Let’s discuss the top strategies in content marketing 2018 is about to witness.

1. Videos are really attractive

Videos hold an element of temptation among the viewers and have proved to create greater reach among the audience. A top trend the  best content marketers have decided to follow in 2018 is to create and promote attractive quality videos for their prospective clients and target audiences. The idea is suitable to bring the clients closer and let them stay updated on the initiatives and endeavours of the business firms. Video content has to be catchy and attention-grabbing. The genre can be tutorial – lessons on some prominent topic, informative – new updates on latest technologies, live events – attractive events the business firm holds, or fun elements. To create a video in this new age of prominent technology, all you need is a smartphone and a social media account to promote the visuals. It would not take more than a quarter of a minute to upload and spread to the views.

2. Social Media is your best friend
Contrary to the old marketing tactics, today the best medium to spread the word of your business is through social networking sites. There are millions and millions of people utilizing these sites and most of them are searching these for news and the latest updates. So there is nothing more useful than these social networking sites to spread the name of your firm or brand. Facebook and Twitter let you meet the other high flying brands, gets to know the tactics they follow for promotions, share your brand news and to create a huge impact on your prospective clients.

3. Say cheese to Instagram
Share your moments on Instagram with your fan base. It can help a lot to create a positive outlook on your business firm among the viewers. Instagram helps to share cool moments and pictures can deliver great stories to the audience than some hundred words can do. Above all, people tend to favour pictures than write-ups as they would not have to spend much time to know the content. Instagram posts can be a great boost to the business strategies for sure.

4. LinkedIn is highly professional

All the best content marketers have voted in favour of LinkedIn for their professional quality and class. The platform helps to bring prospective clients to your business growth. Content quality is high and delivers great impact for the posts created and spread. Various firms get to know your business through LinkedIn as it holds the description, specifications, and other details regarding the firm. This helps in promoting the enterprise to next level with varied client participation.

5. Rise of chatbots

The old customer service is nowadays hardly heard of and what replaced the sweet-talking customer executives are the chatbots. These are programmed to communicate with the customers and handle their needs safe and clear. The bots are made up to facilitate personalized interaction with the users. The content of these chats is made in such a way that the users will feel friendly and taken care of. This conversation content is made with utmost care to attract and continue the service for the valuable customers.

6. Quality content

The content generated in each occasion has to be fresh and unique. This will help a lot in getting higher positions in the SERPs which will improve the chances of getting more hits and thus higher number of clients. The content is what the reader sees and is thus holds the responsibility of creating the first impression on the business firm. A quality content always creates more impact on the reader with professional content tactics and helps in improving the reach of the firm.