ColdFusion Development – It’s Modern and Kicking!


A name resounding of nuclear energy.
Though physicists are still keeping it hypothetical, Adobe has taken the name in a different tangent and made the web developer universe look cool and sexy. ColdFusion is a web development platform offering from Adobe that comes with a range of different advantages. It is much preferred by developers for its ability to deliver high
performance regardless of the language being used. This makes websites using ColdFusion to be easily integrated into varying databases.

ColdFusion development


The inbuilt architecture of ColdFusion is feature-rich and robust and can be easily implemented for rapid development of custom web applications and portals. This vibrant platform can prove amazing especially when it comes to building scalable and performance-oriented web-based solutions.



ColdFusion is a good bet for creating a range of applications including E-commerce, Web-based games, online podcasts, online collaboration, social networking, etc. Having said so, let’s take a look at the 10 major advantages of ColdFusion which could make it your choice for your business in 2019.

Easy to Use

ColdFusion doesn’t need the developer to do extensive and rigorous coding like PHP, JSP, or other programming languages. The ease of its use enables developers to quickly build web-based applications using this language and can save money and time for the clients.

Enhanced Runtime Performance

How your page performs when it is running decides the runtime performance of your website or application. This is different from page performance while loading. The built-in Apache Tomcat app of ColdFusion enables developers to leverage the support of the community and engage in using the latest web standards and regular security updates.
It also enables the creation of multiple cache regions.

Easy Creation of Mobile Apps

ColdFusion is also good for building mobile apps. While its out-of-the-box REST support allows easy building of interfaces for mobile apps, the WebSockets are designated to strengthen bidirectional communication.

Easy Integration

ColdFusion is a cross-platform application that makes it easy to integrate it with any other IT environments. Its server is compatible across many other platforms, and this ensures the stability of performance of websites and apps built on ColdFusion across different platforms.

Offers Different Tools

The different types of tools that come loaded with ColdFusion allow developers to easily integrate websites pages and the database. This makes ColdFusion a good choice for building applications with huge databases.

Easy Management of Data and Information

ColdFusion enables users to handle a large amount of data and information with ease. With capable back-end support, a ColdFusion developer can easily manage information and ensure the efficiency of a web-based app. Besides, a user can manage all data of a website in a secure environment with a single interface.

Security Rich

Adobe has developed ColdFusion with extensive and in-built security features that give the power to developers for building highly secured apps using the application. There are built-in strengthened and empowered log-in mechanisms that are designated to enhance the overall authenticity of the applications built with CF.

Create Elegant UI

The Ajax framework of ColdFusion provides several types of user interface elements, in cluding rich text editors and tree controls.

Enables.Net Objects

ColdFusion allows the use of. Net objects locally and remotely, which enables easy addition of new features and functionalities to a web-based application.

Regular Updates

Adobe ensures the regular release of new and updated versions of ColdFusion with additional features and capabilities. Considering that today websites are the gateways to the success of business enterprises, one of
the most prominent benefits of ColdFusion is that it helps developers create engaging websites that promise customized functionality. The best part of this web development platform is that it simplifies the most complex issues like searching, tracking or loading of data from different sources.

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