ColdFusion Developers are Back with a Bang!

ColdFusion Technology

Your life as a developer is a series of make-or-break decisions. Most of them are handed down to you. A few you make. Your effectiveness rests on a mix of these choices often made early or in tenure.

This is normal. A lot of weight rests on a developer, whether you are part of a team, a company or a freelancer. From retail, media, fintech to manufacturing and engineering, programming capability is key to any modern company’s success.

The people you work with matter. The ideas they generate, their ability to manage their work. All these matter.

The tools you let them work with also matter.

The programming language you choose or handed down matters as much as all of these tools. Sometimes even more so.
A programming language is the crux of nearly all work you do. It affects all aspects of your job. From employee morale to the virtual face on the chatbot, it’s your programming language that forms the base of all your interactions.

Probably it is also one of near-permanent choices you will make. Your code keeps changing, new codes and features are added all the time. It goes through hardware changes, server switches and numerous people. Do you really want your programming language to follow you like a scary shadow?

What you need is something stable. Something modern. Something secure.

Also something adaptable.

That “something” is ColdFusion.

First created in 1995, ColdFusion became an ageless wonder. It has seen the rise and fall of tech fads and competing programming languages. ColdFusion is so durable.

Many programmers wonder what benefits do ColdFusion holds over say, Java or PHP. Can something that is three decades old compete with young blood languages in a dynamic environment?

Yes, it can.

Programming languages are like ripening fruit. They wither with time. On the contrary, ColdFusion is like fine wine. It gets better with time. And it keeps evolving.


It’s nearly a quarter of a century and it’s staying relevant. Other languages have come and gone in that time. Truly an ageless wonder.

It is designed to be timeless.

We have been a ColdFusion development company for many years. It has served us well, helped us build many applications, enterprise solutions, and even worked with cloud computing. As the pool of talented developers dwindles, it is making our skill set more niche.

Adobe ColdFusion is a rapid web development platform created by J.J. Allaire in 1995. It is designed to be expressive and powerful. CFML (ColdFusion Mark-up Language) is a tag-based language unlike any other. Its ease of use and wide array of functionality make it a dream for any developer.

And today, ColdFusion does something better than any other language out there.


With amazing built-in security capabilities and experts such as Peter Freitag leading the charge, ColdFusion will continue to remain second-to-none in this area.

ColdFusion also has the unique ability to interact with objects and Object-Oriented Programming with the use of ColdFusion Components (CFC).

Cloud Computing & ColdFusion

Why do you want to shift your app and resources to the Cloud? After all, it gives you just rain and thunder. Right?

The evolution of programming has been shifting away from heavy machinery – massive server rooms, fans cooling server blades, hard drives, etc. We are already moving to a world where your apps are hosted in some massive server farm owned by companies like Amazon or Google.

The Cloud is much more flexible and scalable, making your app and entire operation more efficient and agile.

In its 2020 iteration, ColdFusion is working to make sure your app can function in these “clouds” with some new capabilities. ColdFusion is going to be a multi-cloud platform.

Internet of Things & Blockchain

We have Alexa and Siri like members of our family. And our fridge, toaster, coffee maker, washer, television, all are being augmented by the IoT advances and getting more and more connected to our lives.

Adobe is making sure ColdFusion is one of the main languages that will make all these possible and popular.

It is handling vulnerabilities using Blockchain technology which is a new frontier in online security. Deploying it in IoT makes devices much less hackable and highly secure.

What’s In It for a ColdFusion Developer?

Change is tough for people and the same applies for developers. Switching programming languages is an uphill task for many. But ColdFusion with its ease of use and practical solutions to complicated problems, could be a logical fit.

If you are a ColdFusion developer, then you are already a winner.

Modern ColdFusion developer follows best practices that reduce stress, inefficiency and life cycle costs while increasing project velocity and innovation.

Spericorn loves the technology and maybe that’s why we have a pool of talented ColdFusion developers. They follow the best practices and focus on quality control that makes them a great ColdFusion development team.

Like ColdFusion, our team has a long track record for keeping pace and evolving with the technology. We are prepared to meet new demands.

We are crazy good in ColdFusion.