ChatGPT Tricks Episode 1: Create Impressive
PowerPoint Presentations Instantly!

ChatGPT is a revolutionary chatbot that is based on the latest advancements in Generative AI and Machine Learning. Having been trained on Large Language Models, ChatGPT is an AI/ML marvel that diminishes the divide between the technical and the non-technical. From demonstrating literary prowess to generating PowerPoint presentations and creating functional code, ChatGPT aces it all. Indeed, the chatbot holds the key to improving productivity at the workplace, through a combination of creativity and automation. In the first episode of ChatGPT Tricks brought to you by Spericorn Technology, we uncover how to use ChatGPT to create original PowerPoint presentations on topics of your choice. On entering a suitable prompt, ChatGPT generates a VBA code that users can copy and paste into the VBA editor in MS PowerPoint.
Upon executing the macro, PowerPoint displays the slides created from the VBA code. Users can then customize the slides with a suitable template, insert company logo(s) and edit the content, if required.
Users can further fine-tune the ChatGPT prompts to make the slides as detailed as necessary. By using ChatGPT effectively, it is possible to cut down the time taken to create presentations from a couple of hours to just a few minutes. Stay tuned for more interesting tricks!

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