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Generative AI:Chatgpt

Generative AI is an Artificial Intelligence technology that has taken the world by storm. With the latest advancements in Machine Learning, new Transformers could be trained on Large Language Models that rendered them capable of producing original, high-quality content, including text, images, audio and video elements.

Chat GPT, where GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an example of Generative AI that combines ML technology with a user-friendly chat interface and opens the door to myriad possibilities and use cases across industries.

ChatGPT Use-cases

At Spericorn Technology, we deployed the generative power of ChatGPT as part of the Project Scripter to enhance the features of an e-commerce seller software offered by our client. Our expertise in AI/ML technology, further honed by developing an AI-powered Custom ChatBot using ChatGPT, proved invaluable at every step of this project.

ChatGPT Integration with E-commerce seller Software

We built ChatGPT integration in our client’s software to create text and video output that simplifies the workflow for adding an optimized product listing on an e-commerce platform. Project Scripter uses data from top performers in relevant product categories and keywords with high search volumes to generate authentic and optimized content for any type of e-commerce product.


The user inputs a generic term that classifies their product. The AI feature of the software uses this term to generate multiple keyword options based on search volumes. The user chooses a few keywords that aptly describe the product and inputs other information specific to the product.

Product Title Generation

In this step, the user is required to input the product name assigned to the particular product, the name of the brand, and a few key features that distinguish the product. The software's ‘Generate Title’ feature combines the user-given inputs with the high-ranking keywords generated in the previous step to create a few unique product titles

AI Video Generation

This AI feature combines the prowess of ChatGPT with yet another AI tool via API integration to create descriptive, high-resolution videos for e-commerce products. The user inputs the product’s unique ID into the software and clicks the ‘Create Video’ button. The software pulls the product details from the e-commerce product listing page and creates a script for the video, followed by the video presented by a realistic avatar with an accurate voice-over.

To create the video, the software uses the product images listed on the e-commerce site. It is possible for the user to choose which images to include and any product features they would like the video to highlight. The video is a composite of the selected images and product features.

One Integration, a World of Possibilities

Project Scripter is a proof of concept of the revolutionary, real-world possibilities of ChatGPT integration. With AI-enabled product title and video generation, users of the e-commerce seller software benefit from the automation, reducing their product’s time to market and driving better sales with high-quality, optimized listings.

Spericorn Technology’s ongoing projects in ChatGPT integration leverage this breakthrough in AI and ML technology to multiply the capabilities of existing software solutions. The intelligent automation and contextual understanding offered by ChatGPT consistently deliver an exceptional user experience and boost operational efficiency.