OUR Case Studies

Thanks for reading our stories. We at Spericorn hope that we have demonstrated the sheer depth and breadth of both our skills and experiences in the world of development. Following are some of the Softwares we have developed

UI/UX • Web & Mobile App

The Kuberchat, is a SaaS application that helps the business owner to provide better support to their customers through chat system. This application enables the owner to provide instant response from the customers with minimal resolution time. It doesn’t matter whether the client is using mobile or a computer as Kuberchat work seamlessly with web and mobile application. Their friendly ascending chat software allows them to connect directly to the customers, provide service and improves the resolution time – independent of the device.


Angular Python-Django Android:java IOS:swift

UI/UX • Web

Scotran is a web and mobile application company based in Singapore catering its cutting-edge services to various clients across the globe. Scotran is a simple and secure way of banking, with only a few steps required, hence creating an effortless and effective customer experience.




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