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Cryptocurrencies have brought about a revolutionary change in the financial sector, transforming how we view money and financial transactions. In line with this, Spericorn technology has introduced a new BitMarket website equipped with a cryptocurrency feature to advance digital improvement in shopping experience.

This new feature allows users to make purchases using Bitcoin, offering greater convenience and security than traditional payment methods. With BitMarket, users can enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies while enjoying a seamless online shopping experience.

Let’s learn more about the exceptional features and benefits of BitMarket.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates independently of banks and other financial institutions. It uses blockchain technology, a secure and decentralized ledger system that enables fast and transparent transactions. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain technology for their creation, distribution, and storage. The blockchain network is crucial to the functioning of cryptocurrencies and provides a secure and reliable transaction platform.

How do crypto transactions work?

Crypto transactions involve the transfer of digital currency, which is recorded in a public ledger called the blockchain. Unlike physical money, cryptocurrency exists only in the digital world and is not physically exchanged. Instead, the transfer of crypto funds involves shifting data between blockchain addresses.

These transactions are encrypted, making them secure and anonymous. To complete transactions, one must have a cryptocurrency wallet and a virtual bank account for digital funds

Why are bitcoins an emerging trend in the market?

According to the statistics, the global market size of Bitcoin in 2022 is 20.63 billion US dollars. The revenue is projected to reach 132.91 billion US dollars in 2030, expecting a growth rate of 26.2% from 2022 to 2030.

Bitcoins are in high demand because they eliminate the need for third-party financial institutions and use peer-to-peer technology to provide secure transactions. Additionally, their high efficiency and speed provide further advantages.


Purpose Of The Bitcoin App

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    Bitcoin aims to provide secure and user-friendly transactions of digital assets without intermediaries such as banks.
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    It operates as a decentralized digital currency, allowing direct payments between two parties
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    A Bitcoin app helps users manage their wallets and access transaction history.
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    The main goal of a Bitcoin app is to streamline the process of using and managing Bitcoin for both new and experienced users.
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    The app ensures the safety and security of transactions and protects the user’s Bitcoin holdings

Spericorn’s BitMarket App

Spericorn’s BitMarket is a Bitcoin app developed using the React framework for the front end and Node.js for the back end. The app’s database is built on PostgreSQL, offering a secure and dependable platform for storing and managing data. BitMarket’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to manage their purchases easily, Bitcoin accounts, and transactions and monitor prices. The app comprises three modules, each serving unique purposes: Admin, vendor and user.

Admin panel

The Admin panel is a crucial module within the BitMarket app, providing the necessary controls and functionalities to manage the entire

e-commerce platform. This module offers various features and management options, allowing the admin to manage customers, vendors, products, and orders efficiently.

Admin Panel Features Description
Product Management Enables viewing and adding new categories and monitoring product details such as quantity available and specifications.
Order Management Displays a list of all orders, including the vendor, order ID, cost of purchase, and status.
Vendor Management Allows overseeing and managing products enrolled by vendors, including their associated variants and categories.

Displays seller profiles and offers the actionable status feature for approving or rejecting pending customers.
User Management Admins can oversee and manage user accounts, view and edit customer details, and block customers if necessary.
Vendor panel

A vendor dashboard is a comprehensive tool that allows sellers to create and manage their seller profiles and product listings effortlessly

To begin, vendors must provide essential information like their name, personal email, address, company name, and company email and address. Vendors can add their logo to their profile upon completion for a more professional look.

Vendor panel features Description
Category management Vendors can enter and edit product details such as name, category, subcategory, brand, variants, description, stock quantity, variant category, main and additional images, and pricing variations.
Order Management Vendors can keep track of purchases and order history, including customer details and delivery statuses.
Banner management Vendors can showcase the most popular and top-selling products in a separate category with a specialized description.
User Panel

The application offers a seamless shopping experience to users, allowing them to sign in using their email addresses and gain access to a home page with various shopping modes. Customers can search for products by category or manually input their desired item and add it to their virtual shopping bag.

User panel features Description
Payment options The “Pay with NOW payments” feature lets customers pay with cryptocurrency.
Order tracking This feature allows users to view their order history and track the status of their purchased products.
Multiple addresses Users can add multiple addresses and categorize them according to their preferences.
Order filtering Customers can filter orders based on their delivery status, whether canceled, returned, delivered, or still in transit.
Product returns Customers can cancel or return products and specify the reason for doing so.
Bitcoin advantages Bitcoin eliminates transaction fees and reduces the risks of fraud and chargebacks while offering enhanced security.
The Benefit Of Cryptocurrency In E-Commerce
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    Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, offer reduced transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods, making them a cost-effective option for businesses.
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    Cryptocurrencies provide a more secure transaction platform, reducing fraud risks and increasing user confidence.
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    Cryptocurrencies enable easy connectivity and hassle-free cross-border transactions, unlike traditional payment methods.
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    Cryptocurrencies eliminate the risks associated with chargebacks and fraudulent reversals
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    Cryptocurrencies provide a forward-thinking approach to commerce, potentially creating a more streamlined and efficient customer experience.


BitMarket, the innovative e-commerce app, is designed to provide a convenient and secure transaction experience. By eliminating the need for traditional banking activities, BitMarket offers significant cost savings through its reduced transaction fees.

Additionally, the app’s secure payment process ensures safe transactions. The customer wallet feature and streamlined digital currency transactions make BitMarket an ideal solution for hassle-free shopping, even across borders.

On the whole, BitMarket offers a forward-thinking approach to e-commerce, providing a more efficient and convenient alternative to traditional payment methods.

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