Are you sure what you see is real?

Augmented Reality

A wise man once said, innovation isn't innately great or awful, it's the manner by which we utilize it that decides whether it's a disaster or an aid to society. As far as Augmented Reality – the enormous tech thing next on chart– we are seeing bunches of advantages in the ways we experience our regular daily existences.
Indeed, even a basic chore like heading off to the retail shop to purchase an espresso pot is faster and simpler. Rather than asking a salesperson or searching a registry, with augmented technology, you will see the way taking you specifically to the thing you're searching for and that way you can get to the checkout line speedier and back home to your espresso.

Augmented Reality is not a new concept in the tech world. The term is just another aspect of the high flying innovation of modern world. Incorporating computer processed images into real time is the major concept behind the augmented reality. In simple words, we are augmenting or supplementing more images in collaboration with the real world images. Augmented reality is revolutionizing the various day to day phases each of us passes. Let us get into some top instances of augmented reality apps.
New place dilemma

Consider you are on a visit to another city. Obviously, you will need to locate the best pizza, a bookshop, and the prepare station so you can get to your next goal. Utilizing your AR gadget, filter a road sign or point of interest and soon you will be en route. Not any more meandering around capriciously or requesting headings.

Learning made easy
How about watching the historic incidents on a real-time basis in the exact location? Well, it is possible with the technology we are discussing. The opportunity is wide enough for the students and those passionate about the various instances it deals to get immense knowledge. Likewise instructive, AR enables educators to utilize the innovation in the classroom breathing life into history as opposed to rambling on with actualities and dates


Many of us love traveling to world famous destinations but the wallet we hold might not be strong enough to take us there. But do not worry, augmented reality can smile at your traveling fascinations and bring the places to your fingertips so that you can enjoy the location on your own will. Isn’t it interesting? For children or understudies (who might not have the cash to go on a lavish outing), AR enables them to have a class enterprise and take selfies from noteworthy destinations they may just have longed for seeing.

Most of you will be aware of the Pokémon Go gaming furor recently happened. The game was all about augmented reality and attracted youngsters and adults alike. That was the largest reach augmented reality attained making it accessible even to commoners. All things considered, AR keeps on progressing in gaming by utilizing cell phones and tablets. Now and again, clients have AR headsets, which are getting more advanced, lightweight and agreeable.

Can you imagine an AR supported device aiding you to select things from a grocery shop explaining the pros and cons of each of your items? Yes, that has happened recently. An AR-enabled app launched recently displays the health benefits and impacts once you show the item on your phone. This is one of the top advantages of augmented reality.

Buying furniture is another instance where augmented reality has a huge role. How would you choose a sofa set suitable for your hall? What if the one you purchased does not seem to fit the room? Wouldn’t it be disappointing to find yourself in such awkward situations? Augmented reality can be your best aid. There are new age apps which can help you view how a particular sofa set or dining table may look like in your home. This can be a great blessing while purchasing the home stuff.

The innovation of augmented reality is redefining our lifestyle and activities to a great extent. It is imprinting itself in every aspect of our life, be it communication, entertainment or even the usual shopping experience. Spericorn Technology embraces this future technology to bring an innovative approach to deal with the everyday aspects of human life. The company keeps a distinctive wing to deal with augmented reality projects and consist of decorated developers around the world to deliver high standard innovation to the customers. The technology is indeed hailed for its limitlessness and incomparable innovative multi-dimensional implementation.