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Our Story

Spericorn was founded by Amith Nair in 2013. Amith, being a tech guy, started his mission as an independent freelancer with the sole goal that if he gets one business, he will do the best to make the business stay. He didn’t know what will happen next but that changed his life. The goal was good, the timing was right, and it became a success.

It's an honor to say that our first client is still with us!

During the short stint as an independent freelancer, he was quick to realize that he is not Superman to handle everything alone. So he hired two experienced tech guys and hoped for things to go well. And it did.

Yes, Spericorn started its first breath from there.

Amith had to sell his motorcycle to raise the initial capital, but within a year he re-owned his bike and now owns a Porsche.

He focused only on two things: quality and meeting deadlines. Spericorn was winning over clients after clients only because of this focus. Meanwhile, we added more talented resources which still continues.

In the past 6 years, the world has changed a lot and Spericorn too. Our journey with our trusted clients has landed us offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Bangalore and Trivandrum with 150+ employees. Distances don’t matter as we all work together as one big family.

We enjoy our Sprint planning meetings as much as we enjoy the Friday night parties. We believe all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Having a bunch of happy clients is not a coincidence but a result of lot of hard work and above all happy employees. We believe happiness is in the present moment – not the past, not the future. Happiness is like a morning glory from where all good things begin to bloom.

We are big in celebrations. Whether it is project successes, birthdays, or anniversaries, all occasions are special in Spericorn. There is a healthy mix of fun and work without compromising any deliverables. We have a great team of responsible employees who deliver.

Spericorn has skillful teams in all technologies, varying from PHP to Node. Our teams take up tasks as challenges, and they think it’s kinda fun to do the impossible.

In our journey so far, we have touched the hearts of industries including Fintech, E-commerce, Healthcare, E-learning, Logistics, Travel and Tourism and a lot more.

Our happy employees are our cornerstone to the strong client base and gives us the strength to keep going forward. Our employees and clients make Spericorn a family. You are invited too.


Our mission is to become a company people trust to make differences in their lives. It is not possible with just promises. It happens when you work with people making them perform better, deliver faster and dream bigger.


No one can buy time, and we understand its value. We meet deadlines while delivering quality. No compromises.

Our Values


We work with high standards of quality and service to deliver premium value to our clients.


We connect with clients to make a positive difference in their business.


Our teams across boundaries work together to meet the needs of our clients to help them win.


We are crystal clear about the choice between what’s convenient and what’s right. Integrity is a choice we keep making, over and over again.

Respect for People

We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.

Winning Attitude

We have a strong will to win at every aspect of our business.

Work-Life Balance

Most of our policies encourage work-life balance for our employees. After all, happy employees make happy clients.

Employee Experience Initiatives

Spericorn supports single mothers to have an independent life. Their work timings are flexible enough to allow themselves to work during child’s school timings so that mother and child can go home safe and be together. Spericorn is an equal opportunity employer where disabilities and handicaps will not be hindrances to an otherwise qualified candidate. We also recruit people who have exceptional skills at any sport in a view to encourage their skills and achieve greater heights.


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