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Stable and Flexible Symfony

  • Fast application development.
  • MVC design pattern.
  • Inbuilt ORM support.
  • Ready-to-use plugins.
  • Less coding.
  • Database engine independent.
  • Testing-based development.
  • Easy third-party library integration.

Symfony Development Company

You’re in a theater. The house lights go down. After several moments of silence there’s a timid music rising up. A distant violin makes acquaintance with you first. Slowly, step by step, other instruments join the melody. There’s a rumble of thunder from the speakers, the hiss of rain. The curtain goes up, the stage is awash in light. The orchestra is in full swing with the symphony.

Application development has much in common with the playing of an orchestra. Every part of web application should work correctly and integrate to respond to user’s needs. Like every single instrument need to perform its part flawlessly to make whole music sound good.

Introducing the technology with the most sweet-sounding name – Symfony.

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework for developing web applications. It was originally conceived by the French interactive agency SensioLabs for developing websites for their own customers.

Today PHP is used by more than 80% of all the websites whose server-side programming language is known.

A web application or a website can be built in pure PHP or with one of its frameworks. It depends on the level of complexity of the application, time frames of development, experience of programmers, and other factors.

Symfony has reached a popularity level like Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Let’s see why Spericorn use Symfony for a project.

We choose Symfony for the backend because of its speed and ease of implementation. Plus we love PHP, so a framework based on PHP becomes a natural choice.

Symfony offers a lot of reusable components, libraries and packages. These make it easy for a web developer to deal with tasks like object configuration, authentication, templates, etc. Packed with a lot of features, it is not too overwhelming to get familiar with. In terms of structure, it is a flexible full stack and uses Twig as a template engine.

As a Symfony development company, we got fascinated by three things – the Swiss government database, Vogue France and National Geographic Traveler, Netherlands. They have something in common. They are all powered by Symfony2.

Of course we concur that Symfony is great for large websites. It is a flexible framework that can easily isolate components for testing, create custom URLs with routing and use dependency injection. Core reliability is another great feature of Symfony.

In our decision about architecture and choosing components that will help achieve client goals, Symfony becomes our framework of choice.

Ready to take the first step?

Symphony Development Company, Symphony Development Companies
Rapid App Development

With its module system and reusable components, Symfony lets developers develop apps quickly.

Dynamic Template Engine

Symfony comes loaded with Twig, a contemporary templating system which helps developers write coherent and shortcodes in the fastest, secure and most reliable PHP template engine in the software.

Encourages Innovation

Symfony increases the productivity of developers thereby encouraging innovation with its unmatched speed, reusability, flexibility and its unique web debug toolbar.

Flexibility Unlimited

Symfony will be adaptable. With its dependency injector and event dispatcher functionality, Symfony is entirely configurable and adaptable that lets developers easily create complex apps with multiple functional features.

Highly Expandable

Everything is available as a bundle that can add a unique functionality to the framework in Symfony, thus adding to its expansion. A developer can also use the system of bundles to change everything within Symfony, without reconfiguring the entire framework.

Stability and Security

The developers of Symfony offer support for a period of three years (lifetime support in case of security-related issues), and this ensures stability and sustainability of the apps developed in any of the versions of the Symfony framework.

Easily Configurable

Symfony is extremely easy to configure as the developer has to configure only specific things to the web application.


Symfony comes loaded with a host of documentation and support from its community and this makes it easy for a new developer to learn it with the right professional help.

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