Stable and Flexible Symfony

Symfony is a set of PHP components as well as a free MVC framework written in PHP and its website launched in the year 2005 as free software. The first version of Symfony was released in 2007 and the second version in 2008. Afterward many versions of Symfony were released up to Symfony 3.1.0. It ranked 3rd in the queue of popularity after Laravel and older PHP(CodeIgniter). Spericorn chose Symfony because of its proven reliability, performance factor, and to accelerate the creation of web applications.
Spericorn is an innovative Symfony development company that can help you realise your flexible app requirements.

symfony development company in united states

Symfony Development Company

Spericorn is the best Symfony development company in the United States with proficient and experienced PHP developers using the framework to create high performance and complex web applications.

Symfony is a top-notch open-source PHP web application development framework built on a set of decoupled and reusable PHP components known as Symfony Components. The primary goal of Symfony is to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications and to do away with repetitive coding tasks, which would enable developers to work faster and better. With a low-performance overhead used with a bytecode cache, Symfony is aimed at building robust yet complex and highly customisable applications in an enterprise context. Symfony is also bundled with additional tools to help developers test, debug and document projects to match enterprise development guidelines.

The software doesn’t demand extensive codes to write for creating web applications, thereby enabling Symfony development companies with faster, stable and flexible development. This added with abundant documentation, large community and professional support, and best practices within the framework of the software allow even a beginner to very quickly learn it.

Being a globally recognized Symfony development company in united states, the projects undertaken by Spericorn reflects high quality and standards, making the projects in sync with our client’s requirements. Regarded as a top Symfony development company, we also outsource developers to meet your requirements to achieve the desired excellence for a project.

Rapid App Development

With its module system and reusable components, Symfony lets developers develop apps quickly.

Dynamic Template Engine

Symfony comes loaded with Twig, a contemporary templating system which helps developers write coherent and shortcodes in the fastest, secure and most reliable PHP template engine in the software.

Encourages Innovation

Symfony increases the productivity of developers thereby encouraging innovation with its unmatched speed, reusability, flexibility and its unique web debug toolbar.

Flexibility Unlimited

Symfony will be adaptable. With its dependency injector and event dispatcher functionality, Symfony is entirely configurable and adaptable that lets developers easily create complex apps with multiple functional features.

Highly Expandable

Everything is available as a bundle that can add a unique functionality to the framework in Symfony, thus adding to its expansion. A developer can also use the system of bundles to change everything within Symfony, without reconfiguring the entire framework.

Stability and Security

The developers of Symfony offer support for a period of three years (lifetime support in case of security-related issues), and this ensures stability and sustainability of the apps developed in any of the versions of the Symfony framework.

Easily Configurable

Symfony is extremely easy to configure as the developer has to configure only specific things to the web application.


Symfony comes loaded with a host of documentation and support from its community and this makes it easy for a new developer to learn it with the right professional help.


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