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Fast and Responsive Sass

  • CSS pre-processor.
  • Consistency in design.
  • Build creative themes.
  • Creates manageable stylesheets.
  • Fast prototyping.
  • Easy project management.
  • Helps write clean code.
  • Team collaboration using version control.

Sass Development Company

We have been using Sass for the last many years, and as a Sass development company, our efficiency has doubled up. Initially, we had to battle some misconceptions that prevented us from taking giving Sass a go. Our developers follow a certain way of writing and managing stylesheets, and they were worried if they would have to completely alter the way of doing it. But with a little perspective change, we managed to roll Sass onto the floor and it has been one of our favorites since then.

Let’s go out on a limb and say we all know that writing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is critical to describe how HTML elements must be displayed on a web page to define style, design, layout, and everything you need to create an amazing website. As you go through the pains of creating large, complex websites, you might start to wonder if CSS could handle all that you wanted in there.

CSS is anything but DRY. One look at a CSS file and a developer will cry out loud. While CSS is easy to understand and use, web is getting more complicated, more nuanced, and more challenging, and CSS needs to grow and be future-proof to accommodate all those developments. How is it ever going to happen?

Here comes Sass.

Sass is a CSS pre-processor, a superset of CSS that adds features that are not available in regular CSS. It helps developers to write cleaner and easier to understand CSS code. It helps to keep things organized and allows you to create stylesheets faster.

A CSS pre-processor is a scripting language that extends CSS by allowing developers to write code in one language and then compile it into CSS. Other less popular preprocessors include Less and Stylus.

Sass provides a simpler, more elegant syntax for CSS and implements various features that are useful for creating manageable stylesheets.

As a Sass development company, our hard work in ramping up and spending gazillions of hours getting comfortable with this new way of coding CSS, has started paying off, in the form of rising productivity and more scalable SCSS files. The transition was slow, but we know it’s worth it.

Have a Sass project or thinking how to handle a growing stylesheet? We would love to know more about it.

Ready to take the first step?

SAAS Development Company, SAAS Development Companies
Fast Development

With Sass, you can save a lot of time if you know how to use it well. In addition to CSS, Sass lets you write functions, mixins etc. and you can import styles and many such time-saving bits. You can also create your own common styles which can be used whenever you want instead of calling the same styles repeatedly. All these save a lot of development time.


Sass lets you reuse what you have already written than to write new patterns, and this helps you maintain a consistent pattern throughout your page.

Clean Codes

Developers can leverage on their experience with Python or Ruby in writing mixins, functions, and any reusable stuff in Sass, which in turn keeps the codes clean.

Fast Page-load

Unlike the regular CSS, Sass lets you break down your style sheet into several bits or parts, and the Sass compiler will then combine your style sheet into a single CSS file, which will not only get your style sheet organized but also will reduce the HTTP requests passed and thus allow it to load much faster.

Well Documented

Sass has a large and active community back up and there’s a good supply of documentation online.


With the breaking of style sheets in Sass, it is easy to display the website on different devices like desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Enhanced Workflow

Sass eliminates the need to write a code many times like in CSS, say to assign a particular background colour. This enhances the workflow.


Sass boasts of more features and abilities than any other CSS extension language in the market.

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