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ReactJS Development Company,ReactJS Development Companies

Fast and Adaptive React Native

  • Modular architecture.
  • Declarative coding style.
  • Simplified UI.
  • Huge growing community support.
  • Live and hot reloading.
  • JavaScript everywhere.
  • Third-party plugin support.
  • Pre-built components and reusable code.

React Native Development Company

Cross-platform development has gained supremacy as an alternative to fully native mobile app development. In the native mobile development approach, you create separate apps for Android and iOS. The cross-platform development allows you to cut expenses and save time by using the same code across both platforms. The React Native framework is a rising mobile solution.

React Native is a framework based on JSX (extension to JavaScript), ES6-based syntax, state and props. It is a JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. It is based on React which is Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but it targets mobile platforms instead of browser.

The development of React Native framework started as a hackathon effort in 2013, responding to the need of the developer community. It was looking for a mobile alternative that would combine the advantages of mobile app development with the power and agility of the native React environment. This resulted in React Native, a framework created by Facebook, which is supported and continuously encouraged by the development community.

By using React Native, you can use the same code for deployment on iOS as well as on Android. This translates to huge saving in development time and cost. Also, according to recent calculations, about 90% of code can be reused between Android and iOS.

React Native builds on the React ideas and allows you to create powerful mobile apps. In fact, React Native has an interesting feature that you will not find in the native frameworks – the “live reload” feature. It enables you to immediately see the result of the latest change that you have made to the code.

The modular and intuitive interface makes it easy for other developers to involve in someone else’s project and build upon it. This increases flexibility within a development team and make it easier to create updates and upgrades. Also testers require lesser time to understand the programming logic and build appropriate testing scenarios. It’s any CFO’s delight since React Native development leads to valuable time savings.

The framework has in impressive list of readymade solutions and libraries that greatly facilitate mobile development. For example, tools such as PropTypes and Flow help with type checking, ESLint is a perfect tool for linting. For state management, Redux is one of the most frequently used React Native libraries.

We have recommended and businesses have started considering React Native development for cross platform mobile apps. Its major advantages include cost and time savings.

If you are thinking of using React Native for your next mobile development project, you have made an excellent choice coming to this website. It’s the right place.

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ReactJS Development Company,ReactJS Development Companies

REACT Native apps can be developed using a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms.

Improves Efficiency

Using React Native can bolster the efficiency of a developer as it can interface with third-party plugins.

Community Support

There is a huge team of enthusiastic JS and native developers willing to share their knowledge and expertise and huge catalogues of freely available components.

Cost Effective

React Native uses the same code for deployment on iOS as well as on Android, which means a huge saving in development time and cost.

Live Reload

React Native has an interesting feature of ‘live reload’ that lets developers immediately see the results of the latest changes they have made to the code.


React Native architecture is very well tuned to mobile devices and compared to hybrid technologies used for cross-platform in the past.

. Feature-rich

The modular and intuitive interface of React Native makes it easier to create updates and upgrades to mobile applications.

Native Feel

Because of JavaScript interactions with the native environment, React Native delivers a platform-specific UI that looks and feels native.

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