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React Native Development Company

Spericorn is the top-notch React Native development company in the united states. React Native, based on Facebook’s JavaScript library React, is a framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. As a React Native application development company, Spericorn is highly skilled in taking advantage of this software that exclusively targets mobile platforms.

Just like with React, React Native applications are written using a mixture of JavaScript and XML-esque markup, known as JSX, and then, under the hood, the React Native ‘bridge’ invokes the native rendering APIs in Objective-C (in case of iOS) or Java (in case of Android). Thus your application will render not using web views but real mobile UI components and will look like any other mobile app. Also, React Native apps can access features of your device like the camera, or the user’s location. The software supports both iOS and Android as of now and has the potential to expand to future platforms as well.

Spericorn is an accomplished React Native application development company in the united states,  with unparalleled quality and a perfectionist attitude. We provide apps for diverse industry verticals to transform their business to the next level by adapting and implementing the latest technology in the industry.

Being the best React Native application development company, Spericorn provides services of highly talented developers who create inspiring apps with great innovation and dedication. React Native is highly preferred in the mobile app development arena for both Android and iOS app building because of its cross-platform building and lesser development time. With our highly talented developers, Spericorn has established itself as a leader among React Native application development companies.


REACT Native apps can be developed using a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms.

Improves Efficiency

Using React Native can bolster the efficiency of a developer as it can interface with third-party plugins.

Community Support

There is a huge team of enthusiastic JS and native developers willing to share their knowledge and expertise and huge catalogues of freely available components.

Cost Effective

React Native uses the same code for deployment on iOS as well as on Android, which means a huge saving in development time and cost.

Live Reload

React Native has an interesting feature of ‘live reload’ that lets developers immediately see the results of the latest changes they have made to the code.


React Native architecture is very well tuned to mobile devices and compared to hybrid technologies used for cross-platform in the past.

. Feature-rich

The modular and intuitive interface of React Native makes it easier to create updates and upgrades to mobile applications.

Native Feel

Because of JavaScript interactions with the native environment, React Native delivers a platform-specific UI that looks and feels native.


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