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Responsive and Fast ReactJS Development

  • Learn once, write anywhere.
  • Extremely easy debugging process.
  • Easy syntax makes JS writing easier.
  • Build high-performance websites and apps.
  • Continuous re-use of components.
  • Inbuilt SEO features.
  • Third-party API integration.
  • Zero dependency & lightweight DOM.

ReactJS Development Company

The story of ReactJS started at the Facebook headquarters, Menlo Park, California. Features were increasing and the app needed more people to manage them. In no time the facebook app started experiencing a slowdown and the programming team wanted to upgrade the code badly.

Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, came up with a solution – a prototype that made the process more efficient.
And React.JS was born.

In 2010, Facebook introduced xhp, which allowed creating composite components, into its PHP stack and open sourced it. This syntax was later introduced in React.

Jordan Walke created FaxJS, an early prototype which he worked on and created React.

In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram and it wanted to adopt Facebook’s new technology. Pete Hunt was the man who decoupled React from Facebook and made it open source.

In 2013, Jordan Walke introduced React. It gets open sourced.

By 2014, React had gained some reputation, and it started to appeal to enterprises like Netflix. AirBnB started using it in 2015, and the first stable version of React Developer Tools and React Native for both iOS and Android were released.

By then we have React.JS Developers and React.JS Development Companies foraying aggressively causing massive popularity of React among modern web and mobile application development. Here are some thrills of being a ReactJS development company.

Design Concepts of React

Reusable Components 

Components are simple functions in any language. You call functions with some input and they give you some output. You may reuse them or compose bigger ones from smaller functions. You can reuse a single component in multiple UIs and there could be components inside components.

Automatic Updates 

As a critical design concept automatic update feature gains significance here. When the input (React component) changes, the output (UI it represents) also changes. React enables automatic reflection of these changes in the browser and update the DOM when required.

Virtual DOM 

React keeps a virtual representation of HTML in memory (virtual DOM) which is actually made possible by JavaScript. React make use of virtual DOM to render a virtual HTML tree and with every state changes, React will only write the difference between the new tree and the previous tree. This is possible because React has both trees in memory. This is known as Tree Reconciliation.

Virtual DOM method is not just insanely efficient, but also overly simplifies the way we think about updating UI. It is the strongest weapon of any ReactJS development company.

For Spericorn, a brilliant ReactJS development company, a significant goal to strive for when using a framework or language is simplicity. Over time, it is the simpler application that is more maintainable, testable and delivers performance. By striving for functional purity in components, React.JS drives simplicity at Spericorn.

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ReactJS Development Company,ReactJS Development Companies
Easy to Implement

React JS comes loaded with a good supply of documentation and tutorials making it easy for a developer to use it within no time and start working on your project.

Faster Rendering

The Virtual DOM feature of ReactJS gives it the edge to render even heavy-loaded and dynamic software quickly.

Reusable Components

Code re-use helps experts make your apps easier to develop and easier to maintain. It also helps developers maintain a consistent look and feel across the entire project.

Data Binding

The uses of one-way data binding and an app architecture called Flux to control the flow of data to components through one control point makes it easier to debug self-contained components of large ReactJS apps.

Native Approach

‘React Native’ can be used to build mobile apps, extensive code reusability makes it ideal to create iOS, Android and Web applications at the same time.

Code Stability

ReactJS uses only the downward data flow methodology that ensures code stability and continuous app performance.

SEO- friendly

ReactJS is SEO friendly with its ability to run on the server, rendering and returning the virtual DOM to the browser as a regular webpage.

Easy to Test

Because ReactJS uses pure components, developers end up writing reusable code that's super easy to test, which leads to better application architecture.

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