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Node.js Development Company

For a backend that is lightning fast and beautiful. For design thinking and agile development. For extreme programming and critical thinking. For your peace of mind. We are here for you. Being a Node.JS development company, we have always been thrilled by the fact that we are able to run the server-side code and the front-end code without the need of a completely different language. We are fascinated by its powerful performance and the way it has made us think out of the box. Having the reputation of a top Node.JS development company, we play with all popular Node.JS development frameworks. We are also a highly-regarded Node.JS development company to develop scalable real time apps with Node.JS.

Here’s a story from 2013.

Astronauts Luca Parmitano and Chris Cassidy set out for a spacewalk on July 16. It was pitch black outside, not the color black but rather a complete absence of light. At that moment, none of them could have imagined how the events would have turned out to be.

Not long into their mission, Parmitano noticed something wrong. The unexpected sensation of water at the back of his neck took him by surprise. The engineers in Houston canceled the spacewalk and told the astronauts to reenter the space station. But Parmitano’s situation was getting more alarming by the minute.

“As I move back along my route towards the airlock, I became more and more certain that the water is increasing. I feel it covering the sponge of my earphones and I wonder whether I’ll lose audio contact. Water has also almost covered the front of my visor obscuring my vision. The water covers my nose – a really awful sensation that I make worse by my vain attempts to move the water by shaking my head. By now, the upper part of the helmet is full of water and I can’t even be sure that the next time I breathe I’ll fill my lungs with air and not liquid.”

He pulled on his safety cable which led him towards the airlock and he followed it there, locating the handles on the outside of the door by touch alone. He did make it to the airlock and eventually Cassidy reached it as well. The two could make their way back inside the space station.

Parmitano could finally remove his malfunctioning helmet, his nose and ears were still full of water since there was no gravity to drain it away.

NASA launched an investigation into this, and when it started collecting data it turned out to be an arduous task. The data on spacesuit specs, maintenance schedules and previous excursions was spread out across different locations.

Once the scope of the data problem was identified, the engineering team decided to create an end-to-end system for data on the lifecycle of spacesuits.

NASA chose Node.JS for the project.

We are a Node.JS development company and has done a number of big and small projects in Node.JS. All of them stand out with their agility, speed and performance.

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Node.JS Development Company, Node.JS Development Companies, Node.JS Development
Open-source Libraries

There are thousands of open-source libraries included in the Node Package Manager (NPM).

Lightning-fast Development Process

Node.js based solutions take much lesser time to develop when compared with other technologies.

Economic Development Cycle

Being rich in features, our expert Node.js development requires fewer resources to accomplish big projects.

Faster Front-end and Back-end Development

The lucid JavaScript that the Node.js is based would speed-up both front-end and back-end applications.


Handling heavy application loads can be made easily scalable with Node.js.

Improves Productivity

With the highly scalable and faster Node.js, your company can achieve higher productivity within a short span of time.

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