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Node.js is a free software platform in JavaScript oriented towards highly competitive event network applications that can scale and was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 after facing the difficulty and complexity to update an indicator for downloading files on a webpage. It is popular because of its approach and innovative thinking that helped the developers in a better way. Spericorn started using Node.js because of its noticeable and salient features, efficient performance and freedom to Develop Apps.
Spericorn is a Node JS development company best known for developing and rendering fast web and mobile applications using the technology.

node.js development company in united states

Node.js Development Company

With immense passion for brilliant solutions, Spericorn is a Node.js development company in united states that has rightfully claimed its spot among the tops in the industry. We employ great innovation into each of our project to create a signature standard for all the works handled, thereby bringing you an enhanced world of immense developmental possibilities. Our goal is to help our clients achieve great success with our impressive services and solutions in their respective fields of interest.

As a leader among Node.js development company in united states, our team of expert developers make sure to adhere to strict risk assessment and quality control measures to deliver unique, secure and scalable solutions for the large or small businesses of our clients. You can hire Node.js developers from Spericorn and they’d implement quality JavaScript codes to provide customized and feature-rich backend without compromising on speed or performance. With our unparalleled Node.js development service, we make sure you get the best next gen, cross-platform, web and mobile applications with fast back-end and user-friendly front-end developments, for a wide spectrum of industry verticals.

We always keep our resources open to make the services available to everyone at any point in their working process. As a reputed Node.js development company in united states, innovating every sector has been our primary goal, thereby bringing a difference in every task we undertake. Being a successful Node.js development company that focuses on customer service, we have made it our priority to deliver great results for our clients around the world.

Open-source Libraries

There are thousands of open-source libraries included in the Node Package Manager (NPM).

Lightning-fast Development Process

Node.js based solutions take much lesser time to develop when compared with other technologies.

Economic Development Cycle

Being rich in features, our expert Node.js development requires fewer resources to accomplish big projects.

4. Faster Front-end and Back-end Development

The lucid JavaScript that the Node.js is based would speed-up both front-end and back-end applications.


Handling heavy application loads can be made easily scalable with Node.js.

Improves Productivity

With the highly scalable and faster Node.js, your company can achieve higher productivity within a short span of time.


Keeping Things Simple

Node.js Developers fancy the simple means of sharing one language each on server and client-side. A further advantage, no ought to switch between Back-end and Front-end. Which means the appliance written in Node.js requires fewer files and fewer code as compared to those with a distinct language for front-end and back-end.

Faster time to market

Node.js is useful in creating the time-to-market cycle shorter. The technology is light-weight and massively scales back the application development time. With Node, you’ll get from plan to product in a very snap. Secondly, their dead-simple preparation feature helps the US to induce immediate feedback from the assembly setting.

Problem and Solutions on Node.js
Not Effective with large scale application

It does not support Multithreaded programming, which is the reason why it supports only light-weight programming applications.


Node.js API has Consistency Issues. Usually new APIs come up with many new backward changes. Resulting in our developers to change the code in a compatible manner.


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