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Customisable and Easy Mura CMS

  • Drag and drop layouts.
  • Flexible theme architecture.
  • Streamline workflows by role.
  • Content editing directly on page.
  • Scheduled publishing.
  • Content personalization.
  • Easy form building.
  • Roll out and roll back with ease.

Mura CMS Development Company

Organize, plan, collaborate, control. You need all these and a platform flexible enough to make changes fast and smooth. You don’t have time to waste. Say hello to Mura CMS. An open-source content management system based on ColdFusion, Mura CMS is a popular one among marketers, CSS developers and web programmers., If you want to build and maintain an ambitious website, Mura CMS is the perfect platform. It allows you to build with ease and speed. Whether you need to do something as simple as adding a new release or as complex as integrating website data with an enterprise CRM system, Mura CMS provides a complete solution. As a Mura CMS development company, we are excited about this new platform.

With Mura’s pre-built content objects, starter templates and intuitive interface, your productivity will get turbo-charged  -  Mura CMS Team

As the shift towards CaaS (Content as a Service) continues, separating the design layer farther from the actual content, Mura CMS provides some global options for customizing functionality and increasing flexibility.

Themes are now universally available, located in a top-level directory from where they can be applied to every site in the Mura instance. Each theme may contain its own assets and methods for overriding core functionality making it easier to modify multiple sites at once in a secure way.

Mura’s display objects or core modules are also now located in a global directory with the ability to customize on a per-site or per-theme basis.

The thorough and completely updated documentation for Mura 7.1 has covered all these and have detailed instructions for upgrading to a new installation as well as upgrading an existing Mura instance.

The overall focus of this release is on simplification and globalization, creating flow and reduction friction. Here developers are given new freedom in the way themes are designed, structured and applied.

Mura is a great CMS for SEO-focused website development. It uses human-readable URLs and provides full control over important page aspects like title, meta information, etc.

At Spericorn, we use Mura to create and develop many client websites. Our clients are known for using Mura themselves to edit page content, update blog posts, create photo galleries and manage RSS feeds.

In short, Mura CMS gives you the power to control your website. We are sure that starting with Mura as the foundation of your CMS solution will future-proof your digital presence.

Embrace a good CMS, find a good team and you will do great things. It has worked for many of our clients. Don’t you see that’s why we are a popular Mura CMS development company!

Our recommendation is that you get to know us first and then let’s solve complex web problems quickly.

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Mura Cms Development Company
Fast and Easy

Mura CMS is based on ColdFusion which is an easy language to master for both experienced and new developers, as it lets developers code faster with less resources. Even if you don’t want to use ColdFusion, Mura CMS has a strong API that lets you use it any way you want.


Mura CMS comes loaded with a good resource of plugins which you can use to customize your website the way you want. Mura lets developers quickly develop and deploy new or redesigned websites, and let its users manage their content in an intuitive way using the backend content management tools or the frontend layout manager & editor.

Multi-site Support

Mura CMS lets deployment of n-number of sites with a single installation. This enables the hosting of multi-lingual versions of the same site very easily.

Testing and Front-end Editing

Mura CMS offers front-end editing capabilities, which are helpful to edit pages and blog post directly the way they will be viewed. Also, the content staging feature lets us work on a set of pages and to test them extensively before going live.


Mura CMS lets you build sites which are easily extensible. Creating new layouts, adding admin functionality or integrations are easy with Mura CMS, as it has the capabilities to build anything from headless apps to large API integrations.

Good for Small and Large Businesses

Mura can be used as a full-fledged enterprise CMS as well as a CMS for small to medium businesses. Developers can disable or hide some features for users or content managers that they don't need, thereby creating a 'light' admin UI for users who doesn’t need all the features.

One-click Update

Blueriver, the creators of Mura CMS releases updates of the software on a regular basis, and Mura CMS offers a never-seen before feature, that is the one-click update, which makes updating Mura CMS to the latest version a breeze.

Community Support

Although Mura CMS does not enjoy the kind of community base of other popular CMSs, the one it has is quite active and well supported by its creators. You wouldn’t need much plugins with Mura CMS. Nevertheless, whatever you need can easily found through the active community of Mura CMS.

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