Laravel is an open-source web framework written in PHP1 respecting the model-view-controller principle and fully developed in object-oriented programming and was created by Taylor Otwell in June 2011. It was developed to use as a substitute for the older PHP version as it failed to offer various features like authentication support and authorization. It is used by Spericorn to ease the creation of web applications in a precise manner. It’s authentication, Pagination, Localization, and Artisan CLI features make Laravel worth using.
Partner with the finest Laravel development company for a fast and responsive web solution for your company.

laravel development company in united states

Laravel Development Company

Spericorn is the best Laravel development company in United States. Laravel is a free open-source web application framework with simple, expressive, and elegant syntax. Laravel follows a traditional ‘Model-View-Controller’ design pattern and based on Symfony. The framework is very popular with Laravel development companies for custom software development as it makes the web application development process easier by simplifying repetitive tasks like routing, authentication, caching and many more.

As a Laravel development company in united states with a proven track record, the expert developers at Spericorn knows how to make use of some of the prominent features of Laravel like modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, different ways for accessing relational databases, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance, its orientation towards syntactic sugar.

Laravel is a classy and clean framework for PHP web development that has taken the PHP community by storm and Spericorn is a Laravel development company that provides its clients with web apps of unparalleled quality leveraging on some of the benefits offered by the software like fast extension ability, development speed, scalability, quick institution and better programming results.

Being the finest Laravel development company in the industry, Spericorn’s expert developers choose the best technology solutions in the market for creating web apps - it may be pre-built CMS or web framework such as Laravel, which was also created to address security issues, improve speed of database migration without data loss, and make the entire process of creating a web application a much easier process.

Mail Services Integration

Laravel with its clean and simple API over the popular SwiftMailer library, allows an application to quickly send emails through a local or cloud-based service. Additionally, Laravel provides support for sending notifications across a variety of delivery channels, including SMS and Slack.

Faster Web Apps

Laravel is configured to use the file cache driver that stores cached objects in the file system and this makes web apps run faster.

Utilities that aid in application deployment

Laravel uses Blade, a pre-installed lightweight yet powerful templating engine with which one can create amazing layouts with dynamic content.

Cross-platform Compatibility

PHP can be used with a large number of database management systems, runs on most of the popular web servers and is available for many different operating systems.

Pre-installed Libraries

Laravel comes with many pre-installed libraries, the most popular and useful of it being the Authentication library, which has very advanced features for login and database securities.

Database Migration made Fast

Laravel has made the database migration faster and secure by eliminating the need for database replication for every change that are being made.

Unit Testing

The unit testing tool included in Laravel ensures that any new updates made on the application, won’t break it. This directly saves the cost and time for development.

App Size Doesn’t Matter

Laravel comes with a secure API building structure helps developers easily create web and hybrid applications of any size.


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