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ionic Application Development Company, ionic App development Company

Fast and Advanced Ionic

  • Easy to adopt tech.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Cordova Plugins.
  • High development and testing speed.
  • Cross-platform development.
  • Built on AngularJS.
  • Powerful yet simple CLI.
  • Outstanding support and community.

Ionic Development Company

When we talk about Ionic app development, we need to talk about hybrid app development. As the word “hybrid” suggests, it is a blend of both native and web solutions. The core application is written using web technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) and is encapsulated within a native application. With the help of plugins, these applications can have full access to the features of the mobile device.

Hybrid app is the marriage of web technology and native execution.

It uses a web view control to present the HTML5 and JavaScript files in a full-screen format, using the native browser rendering engine.

Ionic framework is designed for hybrid app development and has plenty of third-party extensions and plugins. Ionic has won the hearts of both developers and businesses because of its emphasis on functionality.

Ionic is an open source mobile SDK for creating PWA and native apps. This is a rich framework for the fact that it is a blend of two powerful frameworks – Angular and Apache Cordova. A Sass UI framework basis makes it rich in UI components for making powerful hybrid mobile apps, and it is specifically optimized and designed for mobile operating frameworks. Ionic is highly recommended from the UI/UX and interactivity perspective of an app.

Think of Ionic as the front-end UI framework that handles all “look and feel” your app needs to make it compelling. It comes naturally to Ionic because it is equipped with pre-build components that are used to customize design themes and elements. Developers and Ionic Development Companies save a lot of time because they don’t have to build such features from ground zero.

Ionic is also the go-to platform for building progressive web apps and native mobile apps with one code base. The strong suit of Ionic framework is that once it is developed, you can deploy it on multiple platforms. This means that Ionic-based mobile apps provide native performance on multiple devices and operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows.

When it comes to native interface and performance, Spericorn developers have always looked at Ionic solutions. Our dedicated Ionic development teams have the expertise at developing cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps.

The breadth and depth of our knowledge in Ionic mobile app development, combined with a proven reliability makes us an excellent partner for you for Ionic app development.

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ionic Application Development Company, ionic App development Company
Rapid App Development

As there’s no need to writes codes from the scratch on Ionic; developers can build apps at a much faster pace.

Hybrid App Development

With Ionic, developers can build apps that have the native feel and can then be customized for Android, iOS, Windows, or modern browsers.

Default UI

Besides regular elements like buttons and navigation, it also includes form inputs, lists, cards, sliding boxes and many more.

Cost Effective

Since Ionic eliminates the need to build apps separately for the different native app stores, customers can cut down on development costs.

Community Support

Ionic framework is well documented and has a huge and active community online who can help you work around any issues you face while using the software.

Easy Testing

Testing is crucial for app development and with Ionic, developers can test in apps easily on a desktop or mobile browser or a simulator.


Features of Ionic include typography, mobile components, an extensible base theme, and interactive paradigms.

ES6 Supported

Browser support is an important aspect in the case of hybrid mobile apps and ES6 allows developers to run an application on any browser regardless of compatibility.

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