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Extensible and Secure Django CMS

  • Free and open source.
  • Smooth front-end editing.
  • Above average security.
  • High levels of user friendliness.
  • SEO friendly URLs.
  • Sizeable plugin marketplace.
  • Modifying any structure is easy.
  • Recommended for professional sites.

Django CMS Development

With the advent of popular content management systems such as Wordpress and Ghost, managing your websites is almost as easy as turning a page of your book. It is reflected in the huge amount of websites that are online today – more than one billion!!

So, more and more relevant content, ease of use and marketing integration are becoming increasingly important for these systems.

As a company that builds customized applications and runs software projects, we have worked with a large amount of content management systems. Let’s say, Django CMS is a superior system in terms of future potential and technical quality.

Django CMS is a content management system that is used by thousands of websites and organizations including NASA, Cardiff University and LOreal Men Expert. Take this one feature for example and you will know why many companies are opting for Django. It has the ability to customize your content from the front of your website. This allows you to adjust your website by double clicking on an element. You do not need to open an admin page for this.

Django CMS is open source and built on Django and Python.

We have seen a lot of platforms aiming at the enterprise and developer market and most of them have been unnecessarily clunky. Django CMS, however, doesn’t follow suit.


As we move forward, we suspect that the use of CMS toolbars will increase across the board, following Django CMS. They will allow for easy editing and bring more drag-and-drop interfaces to keep things moving quickly. Clearly, Django CMS is ahead of the curve with its fluid front-end features.

With such an approach Django CMS caters to content editors and marketers just as much as it does to developers. It is open source and totally malleable in the hands of a developer, but it is also approachable for the marketing guy who just wants to tinker with slideshow images. And that’s not an easy balance to strike.

Undoubtedly, a Django CMS development company can offer an excellent platform for projects large and small. It’s simple enough for anybody to approach, although its true potential will need to be unlocked by a developer familiar with Python language.

Your website is your online persona. It needs to represent you and your brand. Whether you are entering the market or you are considering revamping your current site, we would definitely recommend trying Django CMS.

If you would like to learn more about how a Django CMS website can augment your business and communicate with your target market, get in touch with us. We would love to discuss with you how we custom designed solutions for our clients.

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Django cms Development company

Being built on Django and Python, Django CMS boasts of maximum web security features, and this is the reason why many banks and organisations for whom security is top-most priority use it.

Admin UI

Django CMS has a great user interface. The admin UI of Django CMS is clutter-free and is cleaner and better than that of official Django’s, and even a new user won’t have any difficulties in getting used to it.


Django CMS uses the Django template system, which means it is easy to integrate an existing Django project with the Django CMS. Creating new templates are also easy with a little learning curve.

Publisher Tools

With its plethora of integrated tools, Django CMS makes publishing simple. Besides the easy content editing feature (just a double click), it also handles menu hierarchy, structure and page creation.


Django CMS has exceptional documentation just like Django. The large community of Django CMS supported by enthusiastic developers provide a good amount of plugins, which makes working with Django CMS even easier.


Many a custom web applications can easily be integrated in the Django CMS, which makes it easily extensible. Also a Django CMS site can be upgraded many years into the future.


Django CMS is multilingual by default. Since it is created for multilingual publishing, it is an ideal option for businesses that has operations in multiple countries where the need for websites in multiple language is imperative.

Simple & Robust

The main attraction of the Django CMS is its simplicity of functions but it is also quite robust and this is the reason why many big brand and organisations like L’Oreal, National Geography and Parrot among others have opted to use it.

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